What is Google's formula of success?  In one line, I could say this: Flash the right information at the right place without  prejudice.

You could succeed in every venture, provided the end-users are  fully respected.  The blogger must believe this   than anybody else. Because, blogging is one way for self -stimulation and if the content is to be generated, it should also earn some bucks.  But earning bucks should not  be the main motto as that very idea kills the quality writing.

When I search best blogging tips, I find  that lots of experts stress one point repeatedly.  Content is the King.   In my more than four years of blogging, what I find is that you must select your niche based on your core strengths and not what gives more earnings. That person may never succeed in the long run whose sole aim is only money.  One must concentrate his/her energies to give unique and useful content  and in the process, if requires, can  take time but should not compromise on the quality.

First of all, a brand value must be created in blogging.  It is years of tireless work.

I created this blog: KNOWEB, four and half years back (March, 2011)  to  channelize my creative energies.  At that time, monotony ruled me and I was sick of my daily routine apart from large chunks of readings after my office hours.

When google became a verb in the Oxford dictionary, I too had my dream.  That one day, my blog's title KNOWEB which is an acronym for Knowledge Web should also become a verb  meaning the stuff that aimed to give edutainment - education in the shape of entertainment.

My investment on this blog since 2011 is only my time - countless hours in writing and also careful segregation to meet basic blog standards coupled with SEO and aesthetics.  Ever since, I joined blogger communities  last November, my blogging journey took a new thrust with a phenomenal increase in page views with a sizeable Western audience.

Some small miracles happened when my blog started appearing in Google  search results when I text the word knoweb.  In fact, I am not a professional blogger nor expert hand in SEO but I am a bit passionate about my writing.   That somewhat blurred the thin line between my professional and personal life as I always aim my energies to share   in whatever possible way I could.

The reason behind creating five blogs over these years  is that each niche is taken care in each blog and my spiritual blog Wisdom Everest with custom domain   and my quotes blog with custom domain  and this current blog which was hosted on a custom domain a month ago are somewhat doing good beyond my expectation.

Another small milestone in this blogging journey was  reached last  week. This blog when you search with keyword in Google is showing exclusive results from my blog which is really a moment of cheers. I thought that I should share this good news.  

With this little encouragement, I redesigned my blog's logo  and also did whatever I could in terms of other aspects.

When I write the brighter side of my blog knoweb, I also must share sad moments.

When I joined  
IndiBlogger community last year and my sharing 350 articles fetched only 7 Badges ( Best Read Article in the Day).  That is a bit painful, but I could endure that pain when I get success in other fronts.   For the sake of my new readers, I am giving link to those best-read articles:

When anybody read my above lines, they may think that I am a bit cocky.   But when you get a validation for your hard work and creativity, that should not be kept as a closely guarded secret and be celebrated with near and dear ones.   Of course, my readers are more than my near and dear ones!

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