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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Book Review

America calls  Deepak Chopra as New Age Spiritual Sage who brought spirituality to the center-stage of everyday life in United States.  This Indian-American doctor worked tirelessly in his almost entire career correlating the science's unanswered questions with Eastern Spirituality.

I have five
books of Dr. Chopra in my library that helps me to refer quite often for my writings.  His all-time best seller Ageless Body Timeless Mind must not be missed to read.

He is a prolific writer with a wide reach and truly a publisher's delight as most of his books are best sellers and some of them translated into many languages. He is  a celebrity
writer who has a dedicated page at on-line giant Amazon.Com.   He has his own website at where he updates with latest content almost daily.

I read portions of this thoroughly researched book on
God  when I purchased it in February, 2013.  The book  thoroughly explains the concept of God from Biblical times  - Job to Socrates, from St. Paul to Indian Sage Shankara and from Rumi to Rabindranath Tagore.

My choicest part of the book is Chapter 4 Shankara and Chapter 10 Rabindranath Tagore.  Dr. Chopra's comparing Tagore with Rumi is scintillating.  The heart of the book lies in documenting the meeting and discussion of Tagore with Einstein.  One must not miss this interesting discussion on God by these two great souls .

In one word, it is a must read book by those who show interest in philosophy.

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