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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Dikshita enjoying toy car ride at Ansal Plaza, HUDCO Place, South Delhi today evening.

Dikshita with her drawing made at my home today

After 30, unless you are creative either through reading books or writing something or having some creative hobby, life  becomes monotonous.  All such people appear  like monsters to me and I try to avoid as far as possible.  I can't engage them into any interesting discussion. There seems to be no wow moment in their nature.  They talk such subjects which I don't like.  I try for every opportunity to escape myself from such nonsense.

Where as talking with children will always give me new energy. This Saturday, this little angel called Dikshita who is sister of my daughter Sravani's (Class 9) classmate Harshita came to our home and I quite  enjoyed with her company.

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