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Monday, October 26, 2015


Divya, 7 years,  child prodigy at our home - courtesy : My Samsung E7 mobile phone (13 M.P)

A few years ago, my friend pressed me to send some of the drawings of my elder daughter to The Hindu for publication in Children Section.  Sadly, they had not been published and it severely dipped my daughter's enthusiasm.

At that time, I wished that I should have a platform to bring talent of children to light in my own way.  Now, I could boast that I have my own forum where I could encourage children.  This blog of four and half years will encourage children to show their talents to the world. 

Divya was very happy about my earlier post on her.  This girl did not wait a minute and made a bunch of drawings at our home and I selected the above one which is on her hands.

Let us encourage children in such creative pursuits!  

Anybody who wish to bring the talents (drawings/paintings or any creative act) of their children/ grandchildren to the larger world, may send their drawings/paintings with brief details at my email address so that I try to give space in my blog!

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