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Thursday, October 22, 2015


It seems  that decades may take to bring awareness among majority of folks in India   on cleanliness in public places.  Even some educated are no different from  uncivilized folks who throw filth on roads shamelessly.

Government is desperately trying to alter the city folks behaviour, but Delhi has to travel years to have clean roads, especially clean public toilets.  

I commute daily through Delhi Metro where sometimes a few youngsters deliberately throw their empty cool drink cans, chocolate/chips wrappers on platform as a fun.  I don't know why they do so ?

Everybody is shouting about high pollution in Delhi, but no concrete action is done at individual level.

To bring awareness, Delhi Government lead by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today (October, 22, 2015) organized Car-Free Day between Red Fort and Bagwan Das Marg till 12 noon.   As reported in news, he was joined by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and other cabinet ministers, Chief Secretary and other bureaucrats.   The Chief Minister suggested Delhites to use public transport more which not only reduces the pollution but also good for health.
But the problem in Delhi is that there is a huge shortfall of DTC buses compare to public demand.  Myself travelled so many times in DTC buses and it is a  horrific experience as people push themselves in the already crowded buses like  dry chilies in a gunny bag. 

When you travel in such miserable conditions, you can't ensure personal safety, especially wallet and smartphone.  Considering mad rush, I choose to commute either by auto rickshaw or Delhi Metro which is much better to manage yourself even in the crowded bogies. 

Before influencing city folks for sensible action, adequate public transport system must be in place i.e. adequate number of DTC buses so that people could travel easily, especially children, women and senior citizens.   

 My experience says that the city buses may not be suitable for travel by senior citizens as per today's conditions.  They have to perforce travel on auto rickshaw or book a cab.  Another roadblock is not having last-mile connectivity to large number of routes. 

Even, autorickshawalas also may not be available or sometimes not inclined for certain places  after odd.  Unless you have your own vehicle, meeting emergency is a herculean task.   I am living in Sadiq Nagar, South Delhi for the last 5 years, which is hardly 2 kms ride from South Ex market hub but getting an auto even to reach there is a huge problem in evening hours.

The  underlying point is that the national capital badly needs a decent public transport system, but pitiably Delhi is still in shambles on this count !

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