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Sunday, October 11, 2015


A rickshaw puller who rode me to my home in Delhi on Oct 9, 2015 evening : courtesy - My Samsung E7 Mobile

Who says that India is in Digital Age? Still we are trapped in Medieval Times. The latest testimony comes in a recent lynching of a Muslim villager suspected of eating beef in India's most populous state, Uttar Pradesh on September 28, 2015.

When you use Delhi Metro for daily commute, you find these rickshaw pullers flooded near any Metro Station. They give the last mile connectivity to countless job-goers in Delhi.

Ever since, I stopped using my scooter due to fear of rash driving in this bustling city, these rickshaw pullers or auto rickshaw-walas are my lifeline. Each of these rickshaw pullers have a separate story to tell you for their coming to Delhi for survival.

When I asked a rickshaw puller why he came to Delhi for employment, he said that he belonged to a district near Lucknow where he generally doesn't get right earnings for rickshaw-pulling as users don't give him the bargained amount for his service. When he raises his voice, he confesses that he would be beaten up.

This rickshaw puller (in the photo) who belongs to West Bengal complains that he doesn't get full employment in his village throughout year, due to which he is compelled to come outside for employment.

When you give little more bucks to these manual labourers, the smile on their face make your day. Now and then, I indulge in this luxury.

I have one more testimony of Medieval Times here. Our maid who is in her 30s forced to perform the marriage of her 14 years’ daughter recently due to pressure from her villagers/neighbours. The maid who belongs to West Bengal but is on manual labour in Delhi did this act simply on sheer social pressures.

The three incidents together paint a disturbing trend. The trend of child marriages is still prevalent in rural India and these illiterate masses follow this practice due to fear of social alienation.

The government may not have quick-fix solutions for each of the problems that come up in every nook and cranny of this vast country. The solution lies in educating people. If education is imparted, people get better wages thereby improve their standard of life. Further, the intellectuals or educated people must take charge of community affairs in the villages/towns to maintain peace and if this layer is depleted, then anarchy rules their lives.

People can't run for help for each petty issue and it is a healthy and helpful society with good neighborhood values help for communal harmony and thereby people live in peaceful co-existence.

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