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Thursday, October 29, 2015


You may be in low steam and abandon writing when the things stopped working the way you wished.  For such weak souls, there are time-tested ways to keep the flame flickering uninterruptedly.

One such tool is Alexa Ranking.  In the layman's language, it is a sort of daily Report Card of your blog's performance in the virtual world.

Alexa Internet Inc is a California-based company that provides web traffic data which was founded as an independent company in  1996, but was acquired by online shopping giant Amazon in  1999.

Once you create a blog or website, the first thing you must do is submit your blog/ website to Alexa.  Click this link to add your blog/website to  Alexa claim and after that follow the  screen instructions.  In the process of blogging, you must become little expert on certain technical aspects while submitting to Alexa.

Once you review your Alexa Ranking on daily basis, self-ignition to improve  your blog's  content, design automatically comes to you and there are countless tips you get online to improve your ranking.

In fact, Alexa gives the rank based on  the average of your three months ranking.  If you wish to know the Alexa ranking daily, here is the solution.  You can click thislink   to know your daily Alexa ranking with full metrics so that you can alter your strategy to attract more eyeballs.

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