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Courtesy: The Hindu dated Oct., 31, 2015

Face is the index of mind, the old adage goes. But the face may not always be the index of mind , especially the rapist and murderer of this Andhra girl, Anuhya (2014).

Esther Anuhya, is a Mumbai-based techie, hails from my home State Andhra Pradesh, India. In fact, she belongs to a town where I studied my graduation - Machilipatnam.

The rape and murder of this 23 year old woman shocked Mumbai on 5th January, 2014 when the crime was reported. No doubt that it is a premeditated incident with parallels to Delhi Gang Rape Incident of 2012. The convict Chandrabhan Sanap posing as cabbie bluffed this girl when she arrived at the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, a suburban Kuirla on that fateful morning. The convict managed to drop at her home in Andheri for Rs.300, but he brutally raped and murdered her on the mid-way. After that he tried to get rid of the body in the bushes along the Eastern Express Highway in Bhandup.

If we go into the details of the case, it was reported that Anuhya was working with IT firm TCS, Mumbai but was found missing from Lokamanya Tilak Terminus Railway Station, as per her family sources. After filing of her missing report at Mumbai, her half burnt body was found on the outskirts of the city on January 16.

The Police after taking clues from 36 CCTV cameras and enquiring from around 2500 people caught the accused and after 22 months of trial, the trial court sentenced him to death. The judgement is a sigh of relief to her parents whose pain anybody could understand.

While writing the judgement, the court observed that when he saw a woman alone, he started planning commission of a rape. he committed the rape and murder, poured petrol on her body and tried to burn it and then abandoned the remains to be eaten by animals. The act was pre-planned... He raped a defenceless lady, the ultimate insult to womanhood, and then eliminated her.

I am living in Delhi for the last 5 years and I find the behaviour of some men in cities is very odd as they try to show extra sympathy to girls and women. It is very difficult to whom we have to believe and to whom not .

Being father of two girls, I advise the girls and women to be extra vigilant even with familiar people. The first lesson is, don't go alone at odd hours, especially after dark. If they require to go, remember that you must keep in constant touch with family/near & dear ones. The mobile phone must have enough battery backup with sufficient balance, if it is prepaid connection. Always use public transport, as far as possible.

It is also high time that companies who employ young women must give a kind of safety net including transport when their women employees come back from leave/ native places.

The Mumbai incident is not an isolated one. Crimes against women are swelling up day by day. Kalpana Sharma who is an independent journalist and columnist based in Mumbai writes a weekly column for The Hindu on woman issues. Her article (dated Oct., 25, 2015 click to read full story ) captioned Lock up the girls ? narrating the agony of a poor 9 year old girl which is very disturbing.

Read a portion of that article here :

Two weeks ago, a woman who lives in the slum near my house came to see me. She looked deeply disturbed. She has a nine-year-old granddaughter who goes to school early morning and returns in the afternoon. Most days, she eats lunch and falls into a deep sleep. That day, while her mother was washing clothes, this little girl fell asleep as usual. By chance, her mother heard something and went up to the loft to check. There she found her neighbour’s 14-year-old son pulling down his pants and hovering over the child, whose undergarments had already been removed. The mother screamed. The boy ran. And the little girl woke up not knowing what had happened.

We can't say that all crimes against women/girls are being reported. The incident narrated by Kapana is one instance of countless happenings in this country and it is very difficult to knit all such sorry tales. There are some deep ethical questions on the behaviour on woman. The idea of woman being seen as a commodity must be gone and society must work on it immediately. We must go to the root of problem by educating the boy child to behave decently and parents must take care of their male children behaviour within the four walls of their homes to put a stop to such ugly trend.

Further, whenever such heinous crimes occur, the law must take quick action and a fitting message must go to the society with exemplary punishment to the culprits without unnecessarily dragging the case due to one reason or other. Delay in dispensing justice would frustrate the victims and may encourage other perpetrators to repeat such heinous crimes thereby restlessness grows in society.


Ever since internet came into our lives, it has opened new doors of freedom.   The result is that information is flowing more freely which is a sign of vibrant democracy.

The best safeguard to ensure transparency in the flow of information is to put in place a regulatory framework which acts as a watch dog to monitor and bring to surface any bias, disparity in the process.

Freedom House  works on these lines and  acts as an independent watchdog to ensure expansion of freedom and democracy around the world.  Founded in 1941, it was the first American organization to champion the cause  of freedom globally.

Internet being the most powerful medium to reach public,  people  are curious to know the state of internet in their country.   Taking such cues, Freedom House started conducting surveys on the state of Internet in the world under caption "Freedom on the Net''.    Based on certain inputs and ground level survey, each country gets some score. The rules for  scoring  is :

0 = Best and 100 =Worst.

India fared reasonably well with a moderate score of 40 in the  Freedom on the Net Survey conducted for the year 2015.

The report is very exhaustive  with abundant statistics.   

You can read  the India Report
Click here


You may be in low steam and abandon writing when the things stopped working the way you wished.  For such weak souls, there are time-tested ways to keep the flame flickering uninterruptedly.

One such tool is Alexa Ranking.  In the layman's language, it is a sort of daily Report Card of your blog's performance in the virtual world.

Alexa Internet Inc is a California-based company that provides web traffic data which was founded as an independent company in  1996, but was acquired by online shopping giant Amazon in  1999.

Once you create a blog or website, the first thing you must do is submit your blog/ website to Alexa.  Click this link to add your blog/website to  Alexa claim and after that follow the  screen instructions.  In the process of blogging, you must become little expert on certain technical aspects while submitting to Alexa.

Once you review your Alexa Ranking on daily basis, self-ignition to improve  your blog's  content, design automatically comes to you and there are countless tips you get online to improve your ranking.

In fact, Alexa gives the rank based on  the average of your three months ranking.  If you wish to know the Alexa ranking daily, here is the solution.  You can click thislink   to know your daily Alexa ranking with full metrics so that you can alter your strategy to attract more eyeballs.


Your thought is like a rainbow-colour bird perched on your hand. Learn to be still, observe. Take a silent gaze on it; Then translate that experience into your signature style verse or prose .Any delay in stillness may cause the thought-bird fly away. But, when you learn the stillness, more thought birds fly towards you, which means more fodder to write, of course naturally !


Book Review

America calls  Deepak Chopra as New Age Spiritual Sage who brought spirituality to the center-stage of everyday life in United States.  This Indian-American doctor worked tirelessly in his almost entire career correlating the science's unanswered questions with Eastern Spirituality.

I have five
books of Dr. Chopra in my library that helps me to refer quite often for my writings.  His all-time best seller Ageless Body Timeless Mind must not be missed to read.

He is a prolific writer with a wide reach and truly a publisher's delight as most of his books are best sellers and some of them translated into many languages. He is  a celebrity
writer who has a dedicated page at on-line giant Amazon.Com.   He has his own website at where he updates with latest content almost daily.

I read portions of this thoroughly researched book on
God  when I purchased it in February, 2013.  The book  thoroughly explains the concept of God from Biblical times  - Job to Socrates, from St. Paul to Indian Sage Shankara and from Rumi to Rabindranath Tagore.

My choicest part of the book is Chapter 4 Shankara and Chapter 10 Rabindranath Tagore.  Dr. Chopra's comparing Tagore with Rumi is scintillating.  The heart of the book lies in documenting the meeting and discussion of Tagore with Einstein.  One must not miss this interesting discussion on God by these two great souls .

In one word, it is a must read book by those who show interest in philosophy.

For more on Book Reviews visit my Blog :


Divya, 7 years,  child prodigy at our home - courtesy : My Samsung E7 mobile phone (13 M.P)

A few years ago, my friend pressed me to send some of the drawings of my elder daughter to The Hindu for publication in Children Section.  Sadly, they had not been published and it severely dipped my daughter's enthusiasm.

At that time, I wished that I should have a platform to bring talent of children to light in my own way.  Now, I could boast that I have my own forum where I could encourage children.  This blog of four and half years will encourage children to show their talents to the world. 

Divya was very happy about my earlier post on her.  This girl did not wait a minute and made a bunch of drawings at our home and I selected the above one which is on her hands.

Let us encourage children in such creative pursuits!  

Anybody who wish to bring the talents (drawings/paintings or any creative act) of their children/ grandchildren to the larger world, may send their drawings/paintings with brief details at my email address so that I try to give space in my blog!


If there is any man who brought cartoon to mainstream journalism in India, it is none other than R.K. Laxman whose cartoons are full of humor and thought provoking.  Lived a fuller life of 93, Laxman is synonymous with cartoons in the newspaper world.

In memory of this great Indian Cartoonist, a dedicated website was inaugurated on October 24, 2015 by Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

You can log on to the website at

The only sad note is RK's
website was inaugurated  posthumously where as it should have been hosted when he was alive.  Another stalwart in literary world is Ruskin Bond who needs to have a dedicated website, but unfortunately, he don't have so far.   Somebody must come forward to cull out the works of this great child writer  and create a website as a tribute to this Anglo Indian whose love glued to this wonderland - India .

Hope somebody must be


In my childhood, I used to change notebooks  with improved handwriting in a show off before my teachers  and peers.  That attitude remained well after high-school years and I used to carry rough notebook to college and took notes in that only to copy back in the concerned note book in leisure hours or at home.  Still I don't know why I get so much joy when I write on paper.  But after graduation and settling in life,  for more than a decade, I was out of sync with this forgotten passion, as handwriting was limited just for putting signature on salary rolls and bank transactions. Since I was not in creative mode,  I burned out with my go-office only  routine life style.

But  the year 2003 had brought some drastic change in my life style.  I became vexed with the  dry professional routine as
learning curve was at its lowest ebb and my heart deeply craved to bring learning and creativity back to my life.

Suddenly, on one fine day, I was introduced to a book called
Tony Buzan's Mind Maps.  Tony Buzan is one of the leading authors on the brain and learning, and mind maps help to think on paper in a very logical sequence.  In the process of creating some personal mind maps, I put a dedicated notebook then (2003) and started filling the pages with mind maps of my desired subjects.  Since then, writing became part of my personal growth.  My bookshelf has more than ten such handwritten notebooks, and such notes denote no special purpose but to aid my memory and keep vital information handy.   When you open such notes, the pages present a vibrant rainbow colours and give visual feast to your eyes.

On my study I have nice colour gel pens to use them alternatively  in my writings  not only to impress my mind  but whoever wish to see them.

Without knowing much about the neurological benefits of handwriting then, I just followed my heart.

In any
education system, handwriting has its prominence.  Mahatma Gandhi in his autobiography ' The Story of my Experiments with Truth says that ' I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education.  He confessed that ' I tried to improve mine, but it was too late.  I could never repair the neglect of my youth.  He advises that ' let every young man and woman be warned by my example and understand that a good handwriting is a necessary part of education.  I am now of opinion that children should first be taught the art of drawing before learning how to write.  Let the child learn his letters by observation as he does different objects such as flowers, birds etc. and let him learn handwriting only after he has learnt to draw objects.  He will then write a beautifully formed hand.

Handwriting is a learned man's asset.  The end of formal education should not be a death knell for handwriting.  One must continue to be in touch with handwriting after formal education though it would be less needed. Recently I read a news item which says that in some professions like doctors, it kills their patients with their bad handwriting.  American National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine found that 7000 deaths a year globally could be traced back to bad handwriting.

 Latest studies reveal that people who take notes on laptops as opposed to those who bring papers and pens to meetings show a lesser absorption of new information  (Source: India Today -English Magazine Sept, 21, 2015) Handwriting means greater brain activity than those typing it on a computer.

So the home point is , be in touch with handwriting which is associated with better cognitive abilities even in the ripe age. 


Location : Kotla Mubarakpur Market Area, South Delhi - Courtesy : My Samsung E7 Mobile Phone's Camera (13 MP) 

General public are culprits here to deface the roads.  Let Local Government should challan those people who do this non-sense under the guise of compassion to birds and stray animals!


It seems  that decades may take to bring awareness among majority of folks in India   on cleanliness in public places.  Even some educated are no different from  uncivilized folks who throw filth on roads shamelessly.

Government is desperately trying to alter the city folks behaviour, but Delhi has to travel years to have clean roads, especially clean public toilets.  

I commute daily through Delhi Metro where sometimes a few youngsters deliberately throw their empty cool drink cans, chocolate/chips wrappers on platform as a fun.  I don't know why they do so ?

Everybody is shouting about high pollution in Delhi, but no concrete action is done at individual level.

To bring awareness, Delhi Government lead by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today (October, 22, 2015) organized Car-Free Day between Red Fort and Bagwan Das Marg till 12 noon.   As reported in news, he was joined by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and other cabinet ministers, Chief Secretary and other bureaucrats.   The Chief Minister suggested Delhites to use public transport more which not only reduces the pollution but also good for health.
But the problem in Delhi is that there is a huge shortfall of DTC buses compare to public demand.  Myself travelled so many times in DTC buses and it is a  horrific experience as people push themselves in the already crowded buses like  dry chilies in a gunny bag. 

When you travel in such miserable conditions, you can't ensure personal safety, especially wallet and smartphone.  Considering mad rush, I choose to commute either by auto rickshaw or Delhi Metro which is much better to manage yourself even in the crowded bogies. 

Before influencing city folks for sensible action, adequate public transport system must be in place i.e. adequate number of DTC buses so that people could travel easily, especially children, women and senior citizens.   

 My experience says that the city buses may not be suitable for travel by senior citizens as per today's conditions.  They have to perforce travel on auto rickshaw or book a cab.  Another roadblock is not having last-mile connectivity to large number of routes. 

Even, autorickshawalas also may not be available or sometimes not inclined for certain places  after odd.  Unless you have your own vehicle, meeting emergency is a herculean task.   I am living in Sadiq Nagar, South Delhi for the last 5 years, which is hardly 2 kms ride from South Ex market hub but getting an auto even to reach there is a huge problem in evening hours.

The  underlying point is that the national capital badly needs a decent public transport system, but pitiably Delhi is still in shambles on this count !


Activity: Help A Child to Study sponsors the higher education of meritorious underprivileged students, supporting them to achieve dreams of a better future. We sponsor all formal courses above 10th, including 11th and 12th, diploma courses, degree courses, B.E., M.B.B.S. and Postgrad. Through education our students are able to escape the cycle of poverty through their own talents.
Details: We are very proud of our students - who are the children of labourers, small scale farmers, weavers and other families with low incomes. These students have enormous potential to succeed and only need financial support to do so. We are thrilled that today some of our graduates are placed with large companies such as Mahindra Tech, L&T, and TATA Consultancy Services.

Support: Education, higher education, sponsorship of students.

Note: We are looking for financial donations to support the higher education of our students, most of whom live in rural areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

This post is a part of BlogAdda's Bloggers Social Responsibility (BSR) initiative. I am exercising my BSR.

You can too with three simple steps. Visit and support the NGO's.


Courtesy: My daughter V.S. Sindhuja, Class XI with her mother's Mobile Phone Lenovo A6000 Plus


When you wake up in the morning, pray to the Almighty only peace and beyond that, ask nothing! The reason is when you are in peace, you could handle any situation. Peace means composure.

When I was in my 20s and freshly employed, my boss used to suggest me to pray God not for abundant wealth, but rather for a smooth flow of life. Those eternal words of mid-90s of my boss who was an Army's colonel are still echoing in my ears.

One of my morning prayer doesn't put any wish list before God, but ask Him only one thing : Please don't snatch peace from my life. In fact, it is vital oxygen to my system. Even not having it for a fraction of second, I feel deeply suffocated. The blogger or writer i
n me will be paralyzed.

There are so many unanswered questions. If you see, you will find that not a single individual's pattern of life matches with you. Some die in 20s, some others in 40s and some others remain up to their ripe-age.

Constantly, we are caught in the game of uncertainties. You don't know what happens next and what is in store for the next moment. Sometimes, you don't even have a slight hint.

In the process of understanding and settling the wild mind, we need to pray. Therefore, the question of believer or non-believer doesn't arise. Even if you are a hardcore scientist, you must accept that one Supreme Force is working beyond the human realm. Call it by any name. But, I profoundly believe that we all must pray. Rather than adding your material wishes to that laundry list, simply do the following 'Serenity Prayer authored by the American theologian Reinhold (1892-1971). The prayer covers everything, both your material and spiritual goals :

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

It should be followed by this action prescribed by my Guru of Joy Swami Vivekananda :

Sit in a straight posture,
and the first thing to do is
to send a current of holy thought
to all creation.
Mentally repeat,
''Let all beings be happy;
let all beings be peaceful;
let all beings be blissful.''
So do to the east, south, north and west.

The more you do that
the better you will feel yourself.

Prayer should be the background activity for every moment of your life. One can achieve progress only in small increments on daily basis. Mechanical way of wishing material prospects is the lowest form. We must raise with age. All the civilizations of the world have made an institutional mechanism wherein religions have some particular timings/days for prayers. Whether you go to shrines or not, it doesn't matter but always feel your body as a temple of your Soul which is some way mystically connected with the Higher Self!


One of the most essential qualities to earn love and respect in the Bloggers' World  is to have signature style in your expression.

Whatever the language you choose, the expression must be of high order.  It is simply not writing in a haphazard manner.   In the process of increasing the frequency of blog posts, one should not compromise on  the quality of writing.

Unless you are a professional blogger, in the daily tug-of-war with professional compulsions, it is not as easy as said to  prune language abilities for better writing.  I don't think there is a rich vocabulary or poor vocabulary.  The vocabulary must be in tune with the context.

Language is also like an ever evolving phenomena. Over a period, time, so many new words were added to the English vocabulary.  The Language has embraced so many new words from so many cultures, regions the world over.  New situations compelled to express in new ways. This one characteristic of English Language did not allow to remain sloth.

That's why dictionary app is my most favourite app on my phone. Much before I shifted to Android Phone, my earlier Nokia phone was installed with dictionary so that I don't wait for a new word to be known.

Language is a vehicle which will aid you to express your concept.  Once a blogger, lays stress on language, the prose adds soul to it.  This should be the behind-scenes act for every blogger.   Apart from concentrating on technical aspects of blogging, the sure shot to impress the reader is to keep the expression rich.  To reach to that level, if required, you may take long holiday from writing, but when you come back, try to write with zeal and charm.  Write from the depths of your heart.  Write in an engaging tone. Feel to write for yourself rather than for others.

Dictionaries must aid to increase the firepower within you.  Both offline dictionaries, including physical ones help to build your word power brick by brick.     Apart from referring dictionaries on daily basis, one must keep an eye on the new words that are adding to the Language.  Keep a dedicated note book for increasing your word power.

To keep a track of such new words that add to the dictionary every year, the ideal choice is visit an authentic source.  What  best source you get other than Oxford Words Blog where they post new words  from time to time.

The importance of vocabulary need not be overemphasized  for fiction writers and poets who search for new expressions and Oxford words blog helps  them to enrich their ideas.

One last word:   Since, it is not possible to replace our physical dictionaries quite often, the solution lies in checking new words in Oxford dictionary's online client  at  :  


In its April, 7, 2014 edition, one of India's prominent English News Magazine, India Today had brought out one interesting story: 10 Medical Marvels poised to save your life.  In that insightful article which  enumerated the new medical advances/procedures/gadgets /tests that will knock at our hospital doors, one sub-story Map Your Genes caught my eye.

Considering the health complications and lifestyle diseases that lead to  surge in mortality rates in youngsters, we will definitely need to take our genes tested much early in life so that the future diseases that may crop up are detected much early and preventive medicine is taken to limp back to normalcy.

The power of future medicine lies in this cutting edge technology called genome mapping.

Aligning of horoscopes for marriages must be replaced by this genome patri, a blueprint of your biological destiny.  As explained in the story, the genome map will predict disease risks like alcoholism, male baldness, cancer, diabetes etc.

A layman may not immediately grasp what this test means.  To understand it, first of all you  must know what genes do in your body.

Genes are the body's chemical instructions for your entire life.  They hold information for growth, survival, having children.  Your genes are a mixture - half come from your mother and half from your father.  But none of your brothers or sisters will get the same mix, unless you are identical twins.

Scientists say that genes make us unique and each person's genome is different from the other. In fact, genes are sections of DNA - a microscopically tiny molecule inside each cell.  Each cell in your body has roughly about 90,000 pairs of genes.
In future I predict that in  India,  a health database is also created centrally and linked to Aadhaar with some privacy provisions so that the health history of each person including the genome map testing results help us to monitor the state of health of   a country of   world's highest youngster population - India. 


There was a time in my life when I was fully invaded by West's Self Help Books and for some months, Oriental Philosophy which  include the   Ancient Indian  Texts which were in my shelves did not ignite me to read until September, 2013 when I found this masterpiece  which rebooted my whole perspective.

American Veda, the title looks odd but it surely ignites the wisdom hunters.

The famous Indian-American doctor and New Age Rock star of Spirituality and my fatherly figure Deepak Chopra terms the book as an illuminating, gracefully written, and remarkably thorough account of India's spectacular impact on Western religion and spirituality.

 The writer Philip Goldberg is an ordained interfaith minister, a public speaker and seminar leader and the founder of Spiritual Wellness and Healing Associates.  

The book is a fascinating look at India's remarkable impact on American culture.  It gives a scholarly explanation of how Indian Ancient Texts found their way into the libraries of Ralph Waldo Emerson  to H.D. Thoreau.

It has also interesting chapters of how Swami Vivekananda and Paramahansa Yogananda who rushed to America  to propagate the Message of India and  how they changed the world-view of millions of Americans   and thereby radically altered the religious landscape there.

When any Indian read this book, his/her  outlook changes  on Motherland - India and patriotic fervor surges and  paves way to read and understand this great nation's philosophical system.

In one sentence,  I could say that  the book takes you to the peak of understanding  the Indian Philosophy and  transform your own life.   A priority read!


Western culture fascinates me on one metric. They celebrate each day with some social significance. May be the secret behind is this.  Live each day deliberately.

A week back, when I was nearly run out of stuff to write,  an aimless Google Search landed  me to a place which I did not actually remember, but it flashed  me this fact : October, 16 is  Boss's Day.  When I quickly checked with Wikipedia, it retrieves back with the following input :

Boss's Day is a secular holiday celebrated on October 16 (or the nearest working day) in the United States, Canada and Lithuania. It has traditionally been a day for employees to thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year. This day was created for the purpose of strengthening the bond between employer and employee.

Who is boss? He or she who commands you in professional life. From daily wage earner to CEO of a company to a person who rules a country, all do have a boss directly or indirectly.  I think the biggest boss is the circumstance.

In everybody's personal life, his or her will is the ultimate boss.  That's why in Hindi there is an adage: Me apni marji ka raja hun!  Anyone who wish to be his/her own boss, can become so.  India's No.1 Blogger Harsh Agarwal with his blog Shout Me Loud proved this to the world that a blogger could survive on his blogging.  He is preceded by his veteran and IITian Amit Agarwal who earned the reputation of India's first professional blogger.

There is no dividing line between a boss and employee.  It is very much interchangeable in personal life according to the situation.  The hallmark of a boss is the degree of responsibility.

One of the essential qualities of real boss is, he/she should never create a feeling of divisiveness. They should think in a coherent way and achieve the goals in a team spirit. This is the secret behind any blue chip company.

Boss is a leader in disguise.  Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in his own words narrated an incident in his life that when a rocket system under his stewardship was plunged into the Bay of Bengal, the press conference that followed by was faced by his boss Prof Dhawan (Chairman, ISRO) who took the entire blame of the failure on himself.  But the following year, in 1980 when SLV-3 was successfully launched, the same Dhawan put the then Project Director Kalam (former President of India) to the forefront of the Press and asked him to handle.

This is a very rare  leadership quality and every boss must imbibe this quality so that the unwanted dirt is not sling on bosses which we usually do daily  in a casual manner.

I am not a big boss in my life.  But I try to keep the people working under me in good cheers and offer the fruits of benefits first to them and take only the left over.  It is simply a kind of ethical behaviour but not aimed to please somebody.  


Cover art

This is an App driven world.

The purpose of any App is specific to a certain need.  On Android Platform, millions of apps are made daily and majority are free downloads and some paid ones.

When any app is first made, the developers continue to work on it to make its interface and functioning more user-friendly with lesser system resources thereby upgrade versions of app continue to hit Play Store every moment.

Every alternative day, Google's Chrome browser app is updated giving near desktop browser experience for 
 mobile devices.

Those who wish to be more productive with technology  have more opportunities.  That's why I upgrade my mobilephone frequently as newly released device would give  latest hardware and software.

Considering the importance of mobile apps in our everyday life, I have a separate section in my blog  -
Mobile App   where you find some best mobile apps that need to be installed on your Android Phone.

Recently, I come across a very good app called True Caller which is made by a Swedish developer  I just downloaded it and find very useful. 

Basically, it works as a caller ID and help to block a particular call if needed.    It helps to identify unknown numbers, avoid spam calls and SMS and stay connected with those you want.

It helps to know who is calling you even if you don't have their number in your address books. You can easily know the caller's location. One important thing is  that the app don't share your phone book, so you need not be panic.

In one word, it is a must download app ! 


Walking plays a crucial role in our health.  In fact, I wrote on it which was published in The Hindu Newspaper's Delhi Edition - Metro Plus on October 30, 2013.  (You can read that article click here to read).   Since then, I am a regular walker.  It has some therapeutic effect on my system or you could say the creative thrust behind my blogging.

Walking literally brought cheers in my life.  This January it pushed me in taking a radical step -  disposing off my scooter of 16 years old and now walking is my religion.   When I look back, I am a contented soul.  The credit for this mean achievement largely goes to 'walking'.

From time to time I attempt to  give fresh outlook to 'walking'. When I read some great personalities and their tryst with ‘walking' it gives a fresh impetus to me and I walk with renewed zeal.  Recently when I read Ruskin Bond, I find so gripping.  He narrated it  so brilliantly and humorously.  Here is his verse on walking  :

Walking is out of fashion now.
And if you have a car to take you
swiftly up the motor-road
why bother to toil up a disused path?
You'd have to be an old romantic like me
To want to take that route again.

             -  Source : Ruskin Bond Poems : O Little Night Music

Another stalwart of India  Mahatma Gandhi in his autobiography, The Story of my Experiments with Truth reiterates the power of walking in chapter 5 :

I had read in books about the benefits of long walks in the open air and, having liked the advice, I had formed a habit of taking walks, which has still remained with me.  These walks gave me a fairly hardy constitution.

In good olden days when there are no motor vehicles, people used to walk miles and even take pilgrimages.  But the fruits of technology and comforts of modern life forced people out of sync.

Walking has immense health benefits.  More than its physical benefits, it keeps your mind in good stead and increases your productivity.   So what you are thinking? Plunge into action! 


There is no limit to human imagination.  If you wish to do one activity, you need not necessarily do in the same way.   Your mind wants to tread a new path which means that the juice of creativity flows universally in all the beings.

But every person takes a momentary decision not to experiment.  Only few take a  deliberate choice and  act upon their wish and thereby show their uniqueness to the world.

The other day, I went to the market and during my return journey, I booked an auto rickshaw through an App driven vehicle service - Ola Cabs.  When I got confirmation SMS with the auto driver's mobile number, I keyed his number to inform my exact location.  When my ring went the other side, a woman's voice replied '' Haa ji kya chahiye, o, abhi ghar pe nahi hai’   Immediately, I disconnected the call.  But I got a return call from the auto driver.  When I boarded his auto, I told him that the call went erroneously to his spouse’s number.  In response, he smiled and told that he kept that lady voice as his choice ringtone.   I too smiled back for his gesture!


The Alchemist
Paulo Coelho is a popular Brazilian lyricist and novelist. His bestseller 'The Alchemist' has been translated into 80 languages.

The beauty of this novel lies in its simple narrating style with a profound wisdom.  A shepherd boy named Santiago travels from his motherland in Spain to an Egyptian desert in search of treasure buried in Pyramids.  In the process of his journey, Santiago turns to find the treasure within.  It is a book that every dreamer must read.

It reaffirms the power of realizing your dreams.  The anecdotes/quotes in this book bath your soul.

The substance of this book lies in the following the paragraph :

"When people consult me, it's not that I'm reading the future; I am guessing at the future.  The future belongs to God, and it is only he who reveals it, under extraordinary circumstances.  How do I guess at the future? Based on the omens of the present.  The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it.  And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.  Forget about the future, and live each day according to the teachings, confident that God loves his children.  Each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity.''


A rickshaw puller who rode me to my home in Delhi on Oct 9, 2015 evening : courtesy - My Samsung E7 Mobile

Who says that India is in Digital Age? Still we are trapped in Medieval Times. The latest testimony comes in a recent lynching of a Muslim villager suspected of eating beef in India's most populous state, Uttar Pradesh on September 28, 2015.

When you use Delhi Metro for daily commute, you find these rickshaw pullers flooded near any Metro Station. They give the last mile connectivity to countless job-goers in Delhi.

Ever since, I stopped using my scooter due to fear of rash driving in this bustling city, these rickshaw pullers or auto rickshaw-walas are my lifeline. Each of these rickshaw pullers have a separate story to tell you for their coming to Delhi for survival.

When I asked a rickshaw puller why he came to Delhi for employment, he said that he belonged to a district near Lucknow where he generally doesn't get right earnings for rickshaw-pulling as users don't give him the bargained amount for his service. When he raises his voice, he confesses that he would be beaten up.

This rickshaw puller (in the photo) who belongs to West Bengal complains that he doesn't get full employment in his village throughout year, due to which he is compelled to come outside for employment.

When you give little more bucks to these manual labourers, the smile on their face make your day. Now and then, I indulge in this luxury.

I have one more testimony of Medieval Times here. Our maid who is in her 30s forced to perform the marriage of her 14 years’ daughter recently due to pressure from her villagers/neighbours. The maid who belongs to West Bengal but is on manual labour in Delhi did this act simply on sheer social pressures.

The three incidents together paint a disturbing trend. The trend of child marriages is still prevalent in rural India and these illiterate masses follow this practice due to fear of social alienation.

The government may not have quick-fix solutions for each of the problems that come up in every nook and cranny of this vast country. The solution lies in educating people. If education is imparted, people get better wages thereby improve their standard of life. Further, the intellectuals or educated people must take charge of community affairs in the villages/towns to maintain peace and if this layer is depleted, then anarchy rules their lives.

People can't run for help for each petty issue and it is a healthy and helpful society with good neighborhood values help for communal harmony and thereby people live in peaceful co-existence.


Dikshita enjoying toy car ride at Ansal Plaza, HUDCO Place, South Delhi today evening.


Sunset captured by my Samsung E7 mobile with 13 M.P camera - Location Courtesy: HUDCO Place Park, South Delhi


Corporate Management is a very tricky area to discuss.  You can't pinpoint any single factor that is responsible for the success of a company.  The CEO who steers the day to day company affairs usually takes credit for the growth of the company.  They become role models, icons, history makers.  Even if we slightly think of Apple, we can't stop thinking that company without remembering its founder CEO Late Steve Jobs.

Tomes were written on the corporate leadership.  Some of books written by their CEOs became popular like Jack Welch, who was chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001 and during his tenure, the company's value rose to 4,000%.  The whole business world is familiar with his New York Times bestseller
Jack : Straight from the Gut.

As far as I know, corporate management is not a rocket science.  It is managing a group of individuals who work at a designated place.  The leader at the top should indoctrinate the employees with the company's vision.

In the corporate management, Japan has its own signature style. Their ideology  helped a lot for the stupendous growth of their companies.

Being a commerce graduate, I used to  read a lot on  business leadership  books and in the process of searching for secrets of Japanese Company management, I got the following answer from some authentic source:

  - An emphasis on group rather than the individual.

 - An emphasis on human rather than functional relationships.

 - Top Management as generalist and facilitator, rather than decision-maker.

The same philosophy is by and large  followed by world's most successful investor Warren Buffett.  He used to give level-playing field to his managers.  The world's greatest technology company Google's management style also resembles this pattern.

Man is a bundle of emotions.  If you tie him more with dogma, it would severely suffocate and badly affect his performance.  Further, if an employee is given enough leverage in his work sphere, he would create miracles in the growth of the company and I deeply feel that these principles must be scrupulously followed in government hierarchy also!


I already mentioned earlier that I am a bookworm.  In fact, I am not in this writing business for a large chunk of my life i.e. till 2011, though such instinct was in seed form since my childhood.  More than writing, I am a voracious reader. Books are my choicest friends.

 If you come to my home, my study  resembles a desk with more than 20  books at various stages of reading. In fact, it was my dream in childhood to read the world's greatest books.

The books reflect a merging traffic of both humanities and sciences. Any information that ignites reading would attract me and if it is gripping I indulge more and go to the bottom of things.  Sometimes, I forget that I am in a family atmosphere and hours melt away like a burning camphor.   The only complaint from family on me is of over-indulgence with books. But I am a helpless guy, because reading has gone to addictive levels.

I have a personal journal called Black Book where I use to document some deeply personal aspects of my life like   improvements needed, course of action required and lessons I learnt and health parameters I need to maintain.   Recently, I added a section called: The Best Books I read so far.

Here is my select list of those inspiring books:

1.  Walden by H.D. Thoreau  ( free download of eBook is available
here ) *****
2.  The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma (free download is available
here ) *****
3.  Tuesdays with Morrie : an old man, a young man and life's greatest lesson  by Mitch Albom ****
4.  The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.( free download is available
here ) *****
5.  Cheerfulness as a Life Power by Orison Swett Marden ****
6.  An Iron Will by Orison Swett Marden ***
7.  How to succeed or stepping stones to fame and fortune by Orison Swett Marden. ***
8.  Google Speaks - Secrets of World's greatest billionaire entrepreneurs - Sergy Brin and Larry Page by Janet Lowe. **
9.  Children's History of India by Sheila Dhar. ****
10.American Veda by Philip Goldberg **
11.The Power of Positive Living by Norman Vincent Peale ***
12.How to enjoy your life and your job by Dale Carnegie ***
13.Khushwantnama by Khushwant Singh **
14.Use your brain -Change your Age by Dr. Daniel G. Amen ***
15.The Language of God by Francis Collins ( This is pure science book) **
16.The emotional life of your brain by Richard J. Davidson ***
17.1 Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson ***
18.The Happiness project by Gretchen Rubin **
19.Freedom from the known by J. Krishnamurti ***
20.A book of simple living by Ruskin Bond ****
21.Osho - The way of Sufi **
22.O mind relax please by Swami Sukhbodhananda **
23.Rumi selected poems ***
24.Don't lose your mind, lose your weight by Rujuta Diwekar ****
25.The Art of happiness - HH Dalai Lama ***
26.Karma Yoga by Swami Vivekananda ***
27.Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill  (free eBook is available
here ) *****
28.Code Name God -by  Mani Bhowmik **
29.Who will Cry when you Die ?  By Robin Sharma ***
30.Ageless Body and Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra *****
31.The wisdom of healing by David Simon **
32.The war of world views : Science vs Spirituality by Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow **
33.The View from the Centre of Universe by Joel R. Primack & Nancy Abrahams **
34.The Tell-tale Brain by V.S. Ramachandran ***
35.Awaken the Giant within by Anthony Robbins *****
36.Mindisght by Daniel J.Siegel ***
37.Use your Head by Tony Buzan ****
38.The Power of your subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy *****
39.No man is an island by Ruskin Bond *****
40.The selected poems of Subramanya Bharati *****

Code indication:

Grab immediately *****
Priority ****
Must read ***
Take your time **
Note : There is no one star book in the list


 Amazon page
Books only aid to strengthen our inner resolve.  All the Self-Help books do magic in your life,  provided if you scrupulously follow their concepts with inner conviction.

I had seen  Gopi Kallayil's first Youtube video in March, 2013 and was terribly inspired by his tips to lead a productive life.   His lecture  discussed how  we addicted with technology, especially with internet and cursed with continuous partial attention.

In continuation of his efforts to guide people to live a conscious life, Gopi brought out this book called The Internet to the Inner-Net : Five Ways to Reset your connection and live a Conscious Life  this October and it has all the necessary ingredients to guide a person for a rich inner life.

Gopi belongs to Kerala, but after studies he went to US in search of job and currently he is Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing, Google.   The book is a technologist's solution for vibrant life in the midst of our intense technology-driven lives.

When he imparts yoga training to Googlers, they are called  yoglers.   He says that the most sophisticated technology is already within us i.e. our brain, body and consciousness.  In response to  his fast-paced professional life, Gopi found his own solutions and this book is the summation of what he progressed on the path of Enlightenment.

The book offers tools to integrate our own inner and outer worlds.   In one word, it is a must read book by those who want to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives.


Man is only great when he acts from passion.

                                     - Benjamin Disraeli

We have great leaders who inspired not only in their life time, but their writings continue to stir generations ahead.

Abraham Lincoln is a leader of this rare blend.  He has a special place in my heart.  The reason is that he showed to the world how a man could lift from a heap of failures.  

One could learn a lot from this guiding light.  More than after a century and half, Lincoln again came to limelight in 2009 when US President Barack Obama took oath on Lincoln's Bible.  Both leaders have charismatic personalities and they have one similarity i.e.  both rose to presidency from Illinois State.

Lincoln  practiced law for nearly 25years and his emphasis always remained on self-education. To ratify this fact, you could find in his autobiography of 1860 where he wrote that he 'studied with nobody'.

 His distilled wisdom reflects in his writings.   In one of his acclaimed  letters written to Isham Reavis on November 5, 1855, Lincoln gave these immortal words :

If you are resolutely determined to make a lawyer of yourself, the thing is more than half done already.   It is of no consequence to be in a large town while you are reading.    The books, and your capacity for understanding them, are just the same in all places.   Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed, is more important than any other one thing.

It is true that once you aim for a higher thing and  if perseverance remains with you, then success follows you like a shadow.

From my childhood onwards, I have a passion to write, but that dream was in cold storage until 2011. When unsatisfactory work life forced me dry, I turned inward and started reading with new vigour and that accidentally took me to my forgotten path i.e. writing. The whole idea of this writing reaffirms my passion  and I am quite enjoying this saga  than any  other daily chores.

Through writing,  you could  refine your concept and your prose becomes richer with age and experience !