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Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Knoweb in 2007 now in - Internet's Wayback Machine
The idea to name my blog as KNOWEB which is acronym for Knowledge Web came way back in 2007 when I was on grabbing mode  to store all my desired information from internet  into CDs for my edutainment.  

In those times, I thought of building  my own website or blog so that I could put all my downloaded stuff at one place  for the benefit of like-minded people.  In those days, I didn't know much about  infringement of copyright  when I collect from the  public domain.

Visitors to my blog know what the story  since  March, 2011 which I wrote in my About Me  page.  It is a painstaking job of more than 4 years and  one-man army's efforts to design the blog from scratch.  Now I have more than 400 articles  in my all  blogs.

When I first made my blog/website in 2007, I dreamed of my blog's visibility  in all major search engines to spread my ideas to  every nook and corner of World Wide Web.  I think that dream partly met with .    Today when I searched my blog's keyword KNOWEB  into  six top ranking search engines of Internet, you would find abundant results.

5. Knoweb in  DuckDuckGo :

7. Knoweb in its previous avatar in 2007 now in Wayback Machine :

Keep showering your blessings on me !

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