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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It is indescribable to say in words about the power of the internet.  Here there are no two worlds like developed world and developing world , but only one i.e. Information World.

The guy sitting in Silicon valley in the US and the labourer wiping his sweat in a dusty countryside in  the African continent have equal access to the same information on the internet.

This is the boon of technology which will brighten the lives of millions of people who are living in subhuman conditions.  Seeing the gravity of the problem, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has promised to give internet to the remaining two-thirds of the world that don't have internet access, through an initiative called

When I created this blog in March, 2011, my prime goal is to connect my blog with some of the best websites in the world.  I felt that it should be my extended bookmarks page  apart from helping me to ventilate  my inner feelings to the outside world.

During the last five years, I introduced my choice of the  best websites and in this edition, I would like to bring before you one of the best medical news portals on the Internet -  .

I came across this website a couple of days back and when I checked  it's About Page, it  has  graphic details  which says that  this  website has a  traffic of  15 million pageviews per month. It conforms to 'Health on the Net' Foundation's certificate which means the source information on this site is very reliable.   Having it's presence on internet since 2003, MNT boasts itself as "market leader for medical news, providing concise and accurate information that stands out in the ocean of  information  on the internet''.

In one word, this the best website on Health.

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