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Saturday, September 19, 2015


Illiteracy is crippling India more than anything and it is main blockade for our progress.

 Even in this Information Age with internet as a sort of our personal assistant, large swathes of India are still not even connected with basic electricity, roads, especially internet.

Still India is put at 126th rank in Human Development Index by UNESCO

When we don't have education, majority of our people remain as unskilled workers and can't dream big in life. They are forced to languish in poverty.

Hence, poverty alleviation should be our prime agenda and  governments/ philanthropists in society must come forward to adopt villages and less developed areas so that we could light a lamp of knowledge in their lives.

Apart from that, CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility of companies should not be simply a statutory exercise and wealth should not be locked up with select few and the same should be put to use on developmental works so that the country flourishes with development and less dependent on foreign aid.

 Proper accounting of earnings of people with stringent tax regime prevent black money and money is circulated in society transparently ensuring proper utilization. We must also reduce ifs and buts while enforcing laws/statues so that efficient and transparent system will not only raise confidence in people, but wipe out all social evils that are plaguing even after 69 years of Independence.

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