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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Still, it is surprising for me, how it happened.

 My blog was conceptualized around 2004 or 2005 as KNOWEB, but it took me six long years to pull me out of procrastination.  I know that it is a lame excuse but a serious introspection would set right the path without crawling such mistakes in future occasions.

The pageview data of my blog for the last couple of years is quite encouraging

when I started writing on daily basis not with an eye for monetary gains but to ventilate my thoughts.  When I go into details, in March 2011 the total monthly pageviews of my blog is 180 which now grew into 5,200 (August, 2015).  I know that it is not a great achievement.  But for a nascent writer like me, it is a huge morale booster.

Let me confess that I am not a professional blogger.   But the writer in me is virtually waging a war to claim his pie in the world of bloggers. Like Ekalavya, I am trying to learn the craft.  I know that I need to travel long to prune my writing abilities further.  But at every intermediary destination when I paused to look back the journey travelled, I pat my shoulder to encourage myself.  

These small heart-talks steam up me to work better in a coordinated way.  I wish for a day when every educated person in India open a blog and write something of his/her experience in life so that our World Wide Web become more enriched with useful information or inspire somebody instead of spam messages infected with viruses.

Let blogging be a hobby among children and adults equally to share their knowledge/ experience in life! 

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