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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Middle-age is a crisis unless you have creative hobbies.
It is the age to expect high from everybody.
It is life’s busiest journey.

I can now enjoy the company of either children or old,
but fear of middle-aged, not because I need to do something for them,
but sick of their high expectations from others.

When it comes to expectations,
expect more from YOURSELF than anybody could ever expect.

I recognized the problem swiftly
and started working on it;
and the result is little encouraging.

The dawn of this wisdom somewhat made my tongue and heart
companionable to others.

My search is on to find   a soul who wakes up with bang in the morning
and makes his day sunny with vigorous action.

In the middle of  this daily dance, he devotes sometime
to r
ead , write  and share.

This is the creative path for middle-aged to save
from the din of  Life’s crucial years!

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