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Friday, September 18, 2015


When you give an advice, it should be  crisp.  Junk should not flow into the subject.  Here is my sermon to tackle an enemy :

Be logical with that person.
Smiling gesture to maximum questions.
Listen patiently. Blocking communication will have a devastating effect.
No enmity in bonafide official dealings.
Your mouth should be in your heart and not vice-versa.
Win over the situation rather than the person.
Don't leak your plans.
No verbal spat.
Try to keep relationships as a goal and try to be a good person.
Try to save the situation before subordinates.  Your wisdom needs to be reflected in your acts.
No person is an enemy or friend all the times; circumstances make a person a friend or enemy.
What best advice you get more than Sun Tzu's timeless classic: Art of War. 

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