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Sunday, September 13, 2015


 Just imagine life thirty years back.  You have to send all your documents by post or courier and cough up money for such service. There was no internet in India, especially for common man.  Government's Postal Department is emperor in the business of sending your dak.  Communication is mostly through letters and post cards.

Fast-forward 2015! The Power of Information Technology.  Free flow of information to any part of the world, be it written, voice or video.  Transmission of information is free.  But you have to pay for connecting to internet. 

 I dream for a day when Internet Service becomes free in India.  Internet on mobiles  may be kept for a price, but fixed line internet must become free and a small percentage of tax should be levied for internet  irrespective of his or her social status.

Further internet infrastructure should be strengthened with free 100 GB download for domestic user so that people fetch advantage for their edutainment.

I am a technology enthusiast and like to explore technology not only for my own benefit but for the benefit of society.  With this motto, I started blogging since 2011 and so far created   seven blogs and my prime blog is Knoweb.

The kind of response I am getting for my articles is really encouraging and I want to use this platform for the benefit of like-minded people. That's why this blog’s slogan is ' for total edutainment.

For long I desired to create a Book Club where interested people sit together and discuss about good books so that the knowledge gained from such books help them in their personal lives.

Since I am living in Delhi, I threw a proposal to form a book club called Delhi Book Club where the stakeholders discuss any issue of book world.   Myself having envious collection of books in my personal library is ready to share my knowledge for the common good.  

If any Delhite, interested in associating me for this book club, they could log on their details at my Delhi Book Club blog's contact form  or simply email me at so that such interested persons can meet at a location on any holiday.   In forming this Book Club, let me make it clear that I have no financial goals and whatever I would like to do through this Book Club is to inculcate reading hobby especially in children with equal stress in elders as well.

 My blog Delhi Book Club would regularly review books of my interest with my recommendation for your consideration.

I want to thank Google for facilitating me to create such blogs on their servers with encouraging search results for my flagship blog: knoweb. 

With this introductory words, I invite you to visit my bog: Delhi Book Club.  Any suggestions or feedback may be given in the contact form itself to make Delhi Book Club blog more useful.

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