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Monday, September 21, 2015


I could vividly remember what exactly pushed me to buy each book in my personal library  which
was started way back in 1990.

The collection of  these books mirrors my steady shift in taste  from  Eastern Spirituality to  Western Self Help genre. Majority of these books are either Best Sellers or somewhere I read about them  in a newspaper/ magazine.

When it comes to health, I have envious collection of books on it. I don't believe in fancy way of going to gyms for the sake of fitness. If we adopt Yoga, much of fitness regimen could be done at  home itself.  Here, it is better to follow the food and exercise  according to your body-type as prescribed in Ayurveda.

When it comes to  health, I feel that my generation is somewhat lagging behind compare to  my parents generation.  As far as I remember,  my parents  never fell sick for too long nor do they had suffered any chronic diseases so far.   Both  still don’t  allow sedentary life   creep into  their daily routine. They have their quota of physical regimen daily.   Even in their 60s – 70s now, they try to go nearby places by walk only.   My father used to go on bicycle for regular household chores even at this ripe age.

The fact is, I am inherited by parents with such wonderful genes, but my pan-India service somewhat affected my health turning to  grey hair compare to my father who still don’t have visible grey hair like me.  

We put goals which are always financial goals. Goals  don’t necessarily mean  monetary ones  and health should be  supreme of all goals.

My health regimen these days, include  5 minutes yoga and 1 minute meditation.  This one minute miracle was introduced to me by Gopi Kallayil, an executive at Google who has some fascinating videos at Youtube and one such video influenced me a lot.  Now Gopi  wrote a  book : The Internet to the Innernet.  You can read my earlier article on that post here 5 minutes yoga and 1 minute meditation 

I have my heros in every chosen area of life.  When it comes to health, it is this great Guru of Yoga - B K S Iyengar, who lived a fruitful and disease-free life of 95 years.  When, he died last August,  Prime Minister of India  Narendra Modi termed him as a fine Guru, scholar & a stalwart who brought Yoga into the lives of many across the world.

Iyengar personally influenced me a lot.  I have a couple of his  famous books on Yoga and Pranayama.    To reach to the level in Yoga like Iyengar, one must be born as yogi.  I have to go a long way to translate even a glimpse of his teachings into action. 

Last August when news reports flashed  his death, I dug deep into the web to find out his inspiring videos or interactive discussions in his marathon yoga career of above 75 years.   I find the  best of them is with NDTV when Dr. Prannoy Roy interviewed Iyengar in NDTV’s popular show  India Questions in 2008.  That 45 minutes video is mind blowing. His energy level during the course of interview is unparalleled of his age (90 years). 

To watch that video click here

Iyengar through his yoga teachings lighted up the lamp of  awareness on health  to  millions of lives   which include the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin (in1950s).  Menuhin factor helped a lot to Iyengar to strengthen his foot in West.  His  celebrity disciples include Queen Elisabeth, the Queen Mother of Belgium who showed interest to learn yoga  in her eighties.  Even teaching to the royal woman, Iyengar did not  compromise his style - to take the full charge of body of disciple to impart the error-free yoga postures with equal stress on mind.

We have very rare  gurus like Iyengar.  He should have lived little longer to serve the humanity.  But, in nature, everything has its own time and it was Iygengar's turn to pack up his earthly sojourn.

When we see his life, it is apparent that he scored so high in  life in terms of personal achievement as well as great service to society.  May the yoga live longer and it's fruits reach to each and every individual on the planet !

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