It is indescribable to say in words about the power of the internet.  Here there are no two worlds like developed world and developing world , but only one i.e. Information World.

The guy sitting in Silicon valley in the US and the labourer wiping his sweat in a dusty countryside in  the African continent have equal access to the same information on the internet.

This is the boon of technology which will brighten the lives of millions of people who are living in subhuman conditions.  Seeing the gravity of the problem,
Facebookfounder Mark Zuckerberg has promised to give internet to the remaining two-thirds of the world that don't have internet access, through an initiative called

When I created this blog in March, 2011, my prime goal is to connect my blog with some of the best websites in the world.  I felt that it should be my extended bookmarks page  apart from helping me to ventilate  my inner feelings to the outside world.

 During the last five years, I introduced my choice of the  best websites and in this edition, I would like to bring before you one of the best medical news portals on the Internet -  .

I came across this beautiful website a couple of days back and when I checked  it's About Page, it  has  graphic details  which says that  this  website has a  traffic of  15 million pageviews per month. It conforms to 'Health on the Net' Foundation's certificate which means the source information on this site is very reliable.   Having its presence on internet since 2003, MNT boasts itself as "market leader for medical news, providing concise and accurate information that stands out in the ocean of  information  on the internet''.

 In one word, this the best website on Health.


Just outside my home on a pleasant late evening : Courtesy: My Samsung E7 Mobile Camera

Beauty lies in the looks of beholder;
If you have a pair of creative eyes,
everything in Nature looks like a poem.


Middle-age is a crisis unless you have creative hobbies.
It is the age to expect high from everybody.
It is life’s busiest journey.

I can now enjoy the company of either children or old,
but fear of middle-aged, not because I need to do something for them,
but sick of their high expectations from others.

When it comes to expectations,
expect more from YOURSELF than anybody could ever expect.

I recognized the problem swiftly
and started working on it;
and the result is little encouraging.

The dawn of this wisdom somewhat made my tongue and heart
companionable to others.

My search is on to find   a soul who wakes up with bang in the morning
and makes his day sunny with vigorous action.

In the middle of  this daily dance, he devotes sometime
to r
ead , write  and share.

This is the creative path for middle-aged to save
from the din of  Life’s crucial years!


As I grow in age (now 45), I remain little lethargic on my b-days.  Perhaps, there seems to be no apparent reason but I know it is monotony. 

Though I do the same chores daily, I have the option to do differently.   This lesson comes  from my digital mate. Who else? It's Google!

Ever since Google was founded in 1998, the Homepage of this giant internet search engine used to deck up with new doodle/ logo befitting to every occasion.

The Google was founded six years after I entered into government service.  At that time, computers were very much in the nascent stage with only word processors powered by DOS.

1998 was a remarkable day in the lives of Google Founders - Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  History witnessed these young guys slowly climbing the ladder of success by founding a company in the midst of their studies - taking leave from their doctoral programme in computer science at Stanford University.

Google, in the past 17 years grew phenomenally and its CEO Larry Page has much bigger ambitions and handed over the reins of Google to an Indian-born Sundar Pichai recently. He is now busy in the process of forming a group company called Alphabet to take his ambitions to next stage.

Larry and Sergey both are sons of professors, who toiled hard to create a working culture of   university campus with a scope for high creativity in the day to day affairs of their company.  The result is visible: It is fourth biggest company in the world in terms of market value, having 57,000 employees   with 70 offices in more than 40 countries.

The underlying philosophy  of decorating its logo afresh for each occasion reminds one fact.  Life is not static. It must remain vibrant each day with new gusto.  The founders took enough care to keep their employees vibrant considering the dangers of  their sedentary work compulsions.  

We need to learn a lot from these two guys who would be long remembered in the annals of history for their tremendous contribution through an envious search engine which has near-human intelligence in processing your search requests in a blip of second.

May the Google reach many more heights in the coming years.

Belated Birthday greetings to you my dear Google.


In October, 2011, when I wrote a post on my friend Mr. Ali who is my colleague and fellow writer, I began the article with this great quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson: In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him. 

This blog KNOWEB is a window to the world on knowledge and information.  So I don't have inhibitions to bring the best in front of the world.   Where ever, I find the  credible information, I share that  instantly  and I became slave to that habit.

Here is a blogging queen who is so prolific with her famous blog

Harleena Singh has her place in Indian Blogging World with major thrust to Self Help niche.

When I checked her blog to write this post, I find one interesting concept from her blog  which she calls Hippocratic Oath for Bloggers.  All those who enter into blogging world must read the oath and abide by the rules so that the person enriches the Web with her/his
unique information/  idea/concept/ piece of creativity etc.  

Through this post, I wish her good luck in her blogging journey!


South Delhi at South Extension - Courtesy : My Samsung E7 mobile camera


Wisdom is knowing what to do next; Skill is knowing how to do it, and Virtue is doing it.

                 -  David Starr Jordan

Your brain can do multi-tasking sub-consciously, but your conscious mind can concentrate or do only one activity at a given time.   But majority of us, rarely feel this difference and try to multi-task which is the root-cause of all tensions in daily life.

You know after certain age, reading is for edutainment and this blog's main motto is that only.  Often I feel that I pressure my mind to read a lot in less time. It is ludicrous to think so.  Even, when I browse internet, I used to open multi-windows to pace up my mental demands/to quench my knowledge thirst

Having this sort of attitude to reading may evaporate the very pleasure of reading. Moreover, I find that I need to maintain browsing discipline when I sit before the computer.  Here is the solution I write for myself recently to maintain the pleasure of reading while browsing internet:

-  Open only a single window in the browser to read the desired content.
-  No to haphazard browsing.
-  Be candid in thought and what I should search or read on the machine.
-  Map out reading assignments on paper much before I sit at computer.
-  Define the amount of time I must spend on internet.
-  Browse internet in 30 minutes’ slots five minutes breaks.
-  When, desktop computer is nearby, I should not browse internet on mobile phone.
-  Organize reading assignments on a paper or digital diary first with daily targets.
-  Not to browse internet after dinner.

The reason to flag my problem here is, when you share your problem, it means half-solved and you get a sigh of relief.  Moreover, when one's mind is marshalling its resources to find a solution to the problem, that solution must be shared liberally with the world!


Courtesy: My mobile camera : Samsung E7 (Sept.17, 2015)


I could vividly remember what exactly pushed me to buy each book in my personal library which was started way back in 1990.

The collection of these books mirrors my steady shift in taste from Eastern Spirituality to Western Self Help genre. Majority of these books are either Best Sellers or somewhere I read about them in a newspaper/ magazine.

When it comes to health, I have envious collection. I don't believe in fancy way of going to gyms for the sake of fitness. If we adopt Yoga, much of fitness regimen could be done at home itself. Here, it is better to follow the food and exercise according to your body-type as prescribed in Ayurveda.

When it comes to health, I feel that my generation is somewhat lagging behind compare to my parents’ generation. As far as I remember, my parents never fell sick for too long nor do they had suffered any chronic diseases so far. Still they don’t allow sedentary life creep into their daily routine. They have their quota of physical regimen daily. Even in their 60s – 70s now, they try to go nearby places by walk only. My father used to go on bicycle for regular household chores even at this ripe age.

The fact is, I am inherited by parents with such wonderful genes, but my Pan-India service somewhat affected my health turning to grey hair early compare to my father who still don’t have visible grey hair.

We put goals which are always financial goals. Goals don’t necessarily mean monetary ones and health should be supreme of all goals.

My health regimen these days, include 5 minutes yoga and 1 minute meditation. This one-minute miracle was introduced to me by Gopi Kallayil, an executive at Google who has some fascinating videos at Youtube and one such video influenced me a lot. Now Gopi wrote a book: The Internet to the Innernet.

I have my heros in every chosen area of life. When it comes to health, it is this great Guru of Yoga - B K S Iyengar, who lived a fruitful and disease-free life of 95 years. When, he died last August, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi termed him as a fine Guru, scholar & a stalwart who brought Yoga into the lives of many across the world.

Iyengar personally influenced me a lot. I have a couple of his famous books on Yoga and Pranayama. To reach to the level in Yoga like Iyengar, one must be a born yogi. I have to go a long way to translate even a glimpse of his teachings into action.

Last August when news reports flashed his death, I dug deep into the web to find out his inspiring videos or interactive discussions in his marathon yoga career of 75+ years. I find the best of them is with NDTV when Dr. Prannoy Roy interviewed Iyengar in NDTV’s popular show India Questions in 2008. That 45 minutes’ video is mind blowing. His energy level during the course of interview is unparalleled of his age (90 years).

Iyengar through his yoga teachings lighted up the lamp of awareness on health to millions of lives which include the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin (in1950s). Menuhin factor helped a lot to Iyengar to strengthen his foot in West. His celebrity disciples include Queen Elisabeth, the Queen Mother of Belgium who showed interest to learn yoga in her eighties. Even teaching to the royal woman, Iyengar did not compromise his style - to take the full charge of body of disciple to impart the error-free yoga postures with equal stress on mind.

We have very rare gurus like Iyengar. He should have lived little longer to serve the humanity. But, in nature, everything has its own expiry date and it was Iygengar's turn to pack up his earthly sojourn.

When we see his life, it is apparent that he scored so high in life in terms of personal achievement as well as great service to society. May the yoga live longer and its fruits reach to each and every individual on the planet!


A snap in my nearby park on dated 8/27/2015 Courtesy : My mobile camera - Samsung E7 13 MP


Illiteracy is crippling India more than anything and it is main blockade for our progress.

 Even in this Information Age with internet as a sort of our personal assistant, large swathes of India are still not even connected with basic electricity, roads, especially internet.

Still India is put at 126th rank in Human Development Index by UNESCO

When we don't have education, majority of our people remain as unskilled workers and can't dream big in life. They are forced to languish in poverty.

Hence, poverty alleviation should be our prime agenda and  governments/ philanthropists in society must come forward to adopt villages and less developed areas so that we could light a lamp of knowledge in their lives.

Apart from that, CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility of companies should not be simply a statutory exercise and wealth should not be locked up with select few and the same should be put to use on developmental works so that the country flourishes with development and less dependent on foreign aid.

 Proper accounting of earnings of people with stringent tax regime prevent black money and money is circulated in society transparently ensuring proper utilization. We must also reduce ifs and buts while enforcing laws/statues so that efficient and transparent system will not only raise confidence in people, but wipe out all social evils that are plaguing even after 69 years of Independence.


This is my all-time favorite quote on the first page of Anthony Robbins much acclaimed work "Awaken the Giant Within''.

Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers; 
powers that would astonish him, 
that he never dreamed of possessing; 
forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action.

                                                                       - Orison Swett Marden

If every one of us work upto the potential we are endowed, we will reach to our desired goals without much fuss !


When you give an advice, it should be  crisp.  Junk should not flow into the subject.  Here is my sermon to tackle an enemy :

Be logical with that person.
Smiling gesture to maximum questions.
Listen patiently. Blocking communication will have a devastating effect.
No enmity in bonafide official dealings.
Your mouth should be in your heart and not vice-versa.
Win over the situation rather than the person.
Don't leak your plans.
No verbal spat.
Try to keep relationships as a goal and try to be a good person.
Try to save the situation before subordinates.  Your wisdom needs to be reflected in your acts.
No person is an enemy or friend all the times; circumstances make a person a friend or enemy.
What best advice you get more than Sun Tzu's timeless classic: Art of War. 


If you want to read anything on Indian Mythology turn to Devdutt Pattanaik.  He is a medical doctor turned leadership consultant.  More than that, he is a prolific writer on Indian Mythology.  His popular work Business Sutra is a course for management graduates at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India.

For me it seems that Pattanaik is in Sutra-series mode attempting to  narrate all the mythological wisdom in business parlance.

The title of this book The Success Sutra, an Indian approach to wealth is very catchy.  The specialty of Devdutt books is his signature doodles along with prose.



Still, it is surprising for me, how it happened.

 My blog was conceptualized around 2004 or 2005 as KNOWEB, but it took me six long years to pull me out of procrastination.  I know that it is a lame excuse but a serious introspection would set right the path without crawling such mistakes in future occasions.

The pageview data of my blog for the last couple of years is quite encouraging

when I started writing on daily basis not with an eye for monetary gains but to ventilate my thoughts.  When I go into details, in March 2011 the total monthly pageviews of my blog is 180 which now grew into 5,200 (August, 2015).  I know that it is not a great achievement.  But for a nascent writer like me, it is a huge morale booster.

Let me confess that I am not a professional blogger.   But the writer in me is virtually waging a war to claim his pie in the world of bloggers. Like Ekalavya, I am trying to learn the craft.  I know that I need to travel long to prune my writing abilities further.  But at every intermediary destination when I paused to look back the journey travelled, I pat my shoulder to encourage myself.  

These small heart-talks steam up me to work better in a coordinated way.  I wish for a day when every educated person in India open a blog and write something of his/her experience in life so that our World Wide Web become more enriched with useful information or inspire somebody instead of spam messages infected with viruses.

Let blogging be a hobby among children and adults equally to share their knowledge/ experience in life! 


Freedom of expression is supreme among all rights. When that right becomes the dear commodity, all other sorts of rights are futile and it mars creativity.

Of late, it is seen that the world is fast becoming intolerable threatening the creative expression. Demanding bans on certain films or books become the order of the day. Unnecessary litigations are created burdening the judiciary which is already overloaded with pending cases.

When the film ‘Aarakshan’ was banned for screening in Uttar Pradesh in 2011, it created furore. The issue died down only after  the producers sought the intervention of judiciary which cleared the decks for release of the film in the State.


Spirituality and Golf game have strange connection. No doubt it is a game for privileged few i.e. the cream of society.

But the wisdom this game offers is amazing and unparalleled to any other games. Let me confess that I know little about this game until I saw a book written by famous Indian-American doctor Dr. Deepak Chopra , ''Golf for Enlightenment - The Seven Lessons for the Game of Life'' published in 2003.

The game of life and Golf have many similarities. We imagine to achieve more but at the end of the day could register success in only those tasks we put all our energies in right time and in right amount. Likewise, Golf also is a game of presence of mind.


 Just imagine life thirty years back.  You have to send all your documents by post or courier and cough up money for such service. There was no internet in India, especially for common man.  Government's Postal Department is emperor in the business of sending your dak.  Communication is mostly through letters and post cards.

Fast-forward 2015! The Power of Information Technology.  Free flow of information to any part of the world, be it written, voice or video.  Transmission of information is free.  But you have to pay for connecting to internet. 

 I dream for a day when Internet Service becomes free in India.  Internet on mobiles  may be kept for a price, but fixed line internet must become free and a small percentage of tax should be levied for internet  irrespective of his or her social status.

Further internet infrastructure should be strengthened with free 100 GB download for domestic user so that people fetch advantage for their edutainment.

I am a technology enthusiast and like to explore technology not only for my own benefit but for the benefit of society.  With this motto, I started blogging since 2011 and so far created   seven blogs and my prime blog is Knoweb.

The kind of response I am getting for my articles is really encouraging and I want to use this platform for the benefit of like-minded people. That's why this blog’s slogan is ' for total edutainment.

For long I desired to create a Book Club where interested people sit together and discuss about good books so that the knowledge gained from such books help them in their personal lives.

Since I am living in Delhi, I threw a proposal to form a book club called Delhi Book Club where the stakeholders discuss any issue of book world.   Myself having envious collection of books in my personal library is ready to share my knowledge for the common good.  

If any Delhite, interested in associating me for this book club, they could log on their details at my Delhi Book Club blog's contact form  or simply email me at so that such interested persons can meet at a location on any holiday.   In forming this Book Club, let me make it clear that I have no financial goals and whatever I would like to do through this Book Club is to inculcate reading hobby especially in children with equal stress in elders as well.

 My blog Delhi Book Club would regularly review books of my interest with my recommendation for your consideration.

I want to thank Google for facilitating me to create such blogs on their servers with encouraging search results for my flagship blog: knoweb. 

With this introductory words, I invite you to visit my bog: Delhi Book Club.  Any suggestions or feedback may be given in the contact form itself to make Delhi Book Club blog more useful.


After body growth at certain age, it is intellectual growth that matters a lot to humans. It is this growth that differentiates man to man. If you take care only bread and butter, nothing worthwhile could be achieved in life.

It is not material possessions that give ultimate satisfaction in life. It is spiritual growth that ends inner-conflicts and take you to what Abraham Maslow called Self Actualization. One sure way to the desired path is to strike a chord with life in whatever manner you find. To connect with life means, to nurture a well-polished behaviour, be it with humans or animal world. You must gauge your behaviour at every moment to grow spiritually. 


I am in the habit of taking notes much before I started blogging in 2011. This practice is being continued for the last 25 years.

When I dig such notes , I find very interesting stuff to share with netizens.
Here I am discussing what a Private Victory means. In fact, this concept is coined by Stephen R. Covey, one of the leading personality development gurus of West. Based on his principles, I drew my own blueprint for my personal growth.

Here is the cheat-sheet :
Physical : Eating right kinds of foods.
Getting sufficient rest & relaxation.
Exercising on a regular basis

Endurance (Aerobic exercise : walking, running)
Flexibility (stretching)
Strength -(pushups and sit ups)
Mental : Reading, Writing, Limit watching TV around 7 hrs per week.
Spiritual : Meditation, Serve others.


My Blog Knoweb Quote
Knoweb Quote Logo

My blogging journey in 2015 is so encouraging. In 2014 I created a spiritual blog called Wisdom Everest    which is doing pretty well.

To create a blog exclusively for quotes is long overdue.  The reason is the kind and combination of power quotes I see on internet are not inspiring to me and over the years I collected huge number of quotes and Knoweb Quote Blog posts such quotes from my personal collection with Wikipedia links to relevant authors.

Reading one line or two power quotes doesn't take much time but gives an instant boost to our system. So friends, please visit this blog to strengthen your muscles!

Click this link to visit my quote blog : 


I have a blogger account in Speaking Tree. In since long (2011) but only today I was able to post my first article called - Great Minds. Friends, please read it at the following link and give your feedback at contact form far below right corner.


Internet is pretty interesting thing.  On the face it, you can't see it as a whole.  It is just like a spider's web.  The more you go deep, the deeper is its depth.

The geeks know this fact very well.
When it comes to internet, statistics speaks louder than what you see on computer monitor when surfing internet.   Whenever, I check my blog's Alexa Rank, I get myself consoled with the statistics this website provides. 

At the time of writing this post, the total number of websites on internet are 92 crores plus.  This is the power of digital revolution and a computer literate is always on advantageous position!


Basically, he is a Bangalore-based man with  service  limited to the city's boundaries.

Inspired by barter system, Girish Reddy started the business of collecting old books/papers in exchange for new books.  His homepage defines what he does :

- Collect used paper items
- Provide new useful books
- We transact knowledge (Books)

His website has all ingredients worth to be called as on-line store for his business venture  with phone number and contact form.

His aim is to have eco-friendly society with recycled paper that promote literacy.

Read his full story at


Knoweb in 2007 now in - Internet's Wayback Machine

The idea to name my blog as KNOWEB which is an acronym for Knowledge Web came way back in 2007 when I was on grabbing mode  to store all my desired information from internet  into CDs for my edutainment.  

In those times, I thought of building my own website or blog so that I could put all my downloaded stuff at one place for the benefit of like-minded people.  In those days, I didn't know much about  infringement of copyright  when I collect from the  public domain.

Visitors to my blog know what the story  since  March, 2011 which I wrote in my About Me  page.  It is a painstaking job of more than 4 years and one-man army's efforts to design the blog from scratch.  Now I have more than 400 articles in my all blogs.

When I first made my blog/website in 2007, I dreamed of my blog's visibility in all major search engines to spread my ideas to every nook and corner of World Wide Web.  I think that dream partly met with.    Today when I searched my blog's keyword KNOWEB  into  six top ranking search engines of Internet, you would find abundant results.

5. Knoweb in  DuckDuckGo :

7. Knoweb in its previous avatar in 2007 now in Wayback Machine :

Keep showering your blessings on me!


If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare write a poetry.  He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.
                                                  -          Martin Luther King (Jr.)

When I sat for writing these lines, my wife was reading headlines from my vernacular Telugu daily which is our daily ritual in the mornings.  But that headline gave me a jolt:  A doctor who was supposed to act with caution, forgot a blade in the patient's womb while performing a family planning operation.  The incident happened in the Mahabubnagar district of Telangana, India (courtesy: Eenadu dated  August, 31, 2015).

It all depends on how a person discharges his/her duty.  We see countless people who become scapegoats to the negligence of certain persons who if discharged their duties responsibly could avoid such miseries. Good rarely comes to limelight. The media highlights mostly the wrong deeds and rarely report about good people and their good acts.  Business interests override society interests.  

When I see such good people, my mind overwhelms with positive vibrations and I do my best to bring them to limelight.  My blog KNOWEB is meant for this noble mission.   The space devoted here is for those everyday   heroes who inspire me.  

My hero of inspiration here is Sukh Ram, the man who just turned 60 and by the time of writing this story, he had already retired from government service and proceeded to his native place in Uttarakhand, India.

Sukh Ram was a sweeper in a government department in Delhi. By virtue of his position, majority of folks don’t interact with him.   I have been closely observing him for the last five years.  Truly he is the sweeper the hosts in heaven cherish for. 

Sukh Ram is a silent worker.  I never find him sitting idle during the work hours.  He constantly sweeps the floors and wipes them with wet cloth.  He is such a devoted worker and never gives an opportunity to be pointed out on his work.  He always keeps the floor, wash basins and toilets neat and clean.  Anybody who see the premises must feel so homely.

Whenever I am in low moods, I look at him and draw inspiration.  He is a fountain of energy.  His small built but robust limbs never get tired to climb up and down the stairs during the day.  He always respects his seniors with courtesy and smiling gesture.  I used to see him closely in my afternoons at a library where he reads the local newspapers to keep himself abreast of the world affairs.

The writer in me planned to write on him two months ahead of his superannuation (8/31/2015). When I called and interacted for half an hour, it was totally an exhilarating experience.  When I see such hard-working people, huge respect flows from my heart and I look into their eyes for the triggers of such exemplary work culture.

When I talked to Sukh Ram, I did not feel that I was talking with an old man who was on the verge of retirement.  There is no tiredness on his face. Physically and mentally he seems to be sound to work for another 15 to 20 years.  I documented lives of such everyday heroes in my earlier posts i.e. auto-driver and a dog lover  which were widely read by many.

The people on whom I wrote showed me the slice of life that I had not experienced.  There were many more Sukh Rams we come across in our lives.  But we care little to gauge their significance.   For me it looks that Sukh Ram in his previous life might have gathered lot of wisdom that helped to keep track of such exemplary life.

Till the last day of retirement, his energy was not dipped. He performed his duty in a very outstanding way till 31st August (2015) afternoon.   No doubt that you can call him a modern karma yogi.

Bookish knowledge is of no avail to you unless it is translated into action.  In the worldly point of view, Sukh Ram is not literate enough to gain media glare nor did any such extraordinary feat to come to limelight.  He simply did his job so well that caught my attention.  On moral and ethical side, he is taller than his insignificant position in work life.   In one word, he is a package of different sort.

Worshipping the workers, noted Indian poet Subramania Bharati says that:

I sing in praise for the work you do,
Like Brahma, you are creator too.

Whenever I speak to Sukh Ram, these words of Swami Vivekananda resonate my mind:

He who does the lower work is not therefore a lower man.  No man is to be judged by the mere nature of his duties, but all should be judged by the manner and the spirit at which they perform them.

It looks that Sukh Ram swallowed the wisdom of what Vivekananda said more than a century ago: When you are doing any work, do not think of anything beyond.  Does it as a worship?

So many people come and go in our lives,  but Sukh Ram etched in my memory  with a permanent home in my heart due to his unparalleled attitude towards duty.

May his post-retirement life be a bed of roses !  


Being creative means not to limit your potential with past experience as a bar you set for yourself.   The ultimate lesson of creativity  is to recognize the need to act upon those strengths/ talents which would put you into next orbit.  Day after day when you are on this mindset and start working, the magic happens and success embraces you.

Books factor a lot to stir the creativity in you.  That’s why book reading should be nurtured to grow in life.  The book I am going to review in this edition is: Men of Steel.  It is a book based on one of the best known journalists Vir Singhvi’s candid conversations with top Indian business leaders.  Published by Roli Books in 2007, this book peeps into unknown areas in the personal lives of India’s best business minds like Ratan Tata, Nandan Nilekani, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Sunil Bharati Mittal, Azim Premji etc.
I bought this book on November 3, 2012 and enjoyed reading one chapter per day.  Each leader’s strategy to strive for best in expanding his business empire is truly inspiring & rewarding and the best part of the book is how they handled their crisis times.  Aditya Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla says that a brand is not about individuals, whatever it stands for is really a tribute to the team we have created.

Amongst those businessmen Mr. Singhvi portrayed, my favourite one is Azim Premji. I like him because, he maintains low public profile.  He is like a silent dynamo.  He says that I was groomed to believe that values are more important than money. Here is the advice he gives to spendthrifts: Even when I was young, my family never believed in spending much money or in conspicuous consumption.  If we went for a holiday, it would be to Mahabaleshwar or someplace like that.  We would not go abroad. I still have that same attitude to money. 

The best advice from Premji is this:  I am very careful not to lose my temper when I am in office.

A lot needs to be learnt from these giants.  They don’t want to be in limelight.  Their activities speak louder than their words.

The life of every business man is like diving into  rough sea and balance in the midst of turbulence with their knack.   Their perseverance helps them grow not only in their businesses but in personal lives as well.

This book in nutshell offers that perennial wisdom from some of the best business brains of India with a global presence!