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Monday, August 24, 2015


This April (2015) when I was deeply upset for not taking  my blog to below ten thousand India ranking (My Alexa Ranking) I almost abandoned to update the content on daily basis and concentrated on my other passion : Reading

For three months, I deserted my blog babies to Almighty’s care and indulged deeply in worldly affairs.  But that made me dry and I came back to writing saga after four months.

At 45, I felt that I am working more than my energies permit to make this blog as a knowledge hub.  Whether I succeed or not, only God knows.   But I am doing it with passion.

Whenever, I run out of fuel, I search for triggers so that I could continue my writing journey.   Last night I got a trigger. India Today Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie in his editorial (India Today English August, 31, 2015) stated that Narendra Modi delivered a 90-minute extempore speech on Independence Day, the longest by any prime minister in recent times. The next day, he left for a punishing two-day trip to the UAE.  After returning late at night, he flied to Bihar the next morning to address two poll rallies.  He further stated that Modi is among the hardest-working prime ministers we’ve had.  With this kind of commitment and dedication, one would expect that the nation would be happy with him and his government.

Journalists tend to be cynical.  They would be over-cautious when they praise especially politicians. But a truth must be projected in straight words, says journalistic ethics and Mr. Purie simply did that.  When I read those above lines, I forgot my hard work on this blog.

Mr. Modi who is almost 20 years older than me proved as a fountain of energy, where as I was complacent and abandoned the  work which I was supposed to continue relentlessly until I meet my stated goal.  Mr. Modi seems to be serving people with passion and I must inject that virtue into my system to weather all difficulties that come on the way!

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