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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I was pretty amazed last night when I read that former Chief Election Commissioner of India T.N. Seshan had an elephant's memory and he could quote verbatim long passages, be it from scriptures or prose or poetry.  This former I.A.S officer from South India was labelled as the  hardest nut to crack in the political circles of his times.

Is it possible  to develop this brilliance and my answer is a crisp yes.  One of  my secrets to maintain this youthful vigour even at 45 is my passion to use my brain to the best of my ability.  This is my mission for the last 28 years when I realized my potential in my college days.

Nurturing to increase your inner power is not a rocket science.  Everybody, if he/she feels that need, can do so easily.  There are certain underlying principles that factor to inculcate this attribute.

When I see my reading commitments with books piled up on my table, I wish that all information in those books should go into my brain instantly like Director S. Shankar's science fiction Tamil movie Enthiran in which the hero Dr. Vaseegaran  creates a sophisticated android   that  astonishes the audience with jaw-dropping tricks like reading bulky books/magazines in a blip of second with it's X-Ray eyes.

I wonder whether that  is within human possibility or not.  I can't summarily dismiss that act as shown in that movie.  But there is enough evidence to prove the power of human brain through powerful personalities like Swami Vivekananda who is blessed with such photographic memory.

I know that it would be wild imagination to take my memory to that level.  But one should not let down himself/herself and once you sharpen your saw, the progress could be incremental and encouraging.

If we go into the mechanics of memory, it is said that our memory works basically on one cardinal principle : Interest is the mother of attention and attention is the mother of  memory.  If a thing ignites you enough and when you feel the need to memorize, you could do it effortlessly.

When it comes to Elephant's Memory,  I read that Former President of India Pranab Mukherjee is gifted with a phenomenal memory power.  Even at this ripe age, he reads a lot and maintains journal/diary. It is an inspiring saga to learn from these giants.   Why it is called elephant's memory because, elephants never forget.  They don't have the appreciable eyesight, but they never forget a face.  They check one another out with their trunks.  Another interesting fact I came across is  that elephants also recall routes to alternate food and water sources when their usual areas dry up. 

The crux of the story is, elephant's memory is not an illusion.  You could  cultivate it.  Your sub-conscious brain is doing billions of tasks  effortlessly, and if you could bring  even a part of that power to your conscious level, it will do wonders! 

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