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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


 When I ruminate my encounters with web in pre-google years (1998-99), I felt great  difficulties to find the best websites in terms of rich content. Seventeen years down the line,  there is a  visible difference.   Technology facilitated all this and it's our duty to derive maximum benefit from this Information Revolution !

When I created this blog in  March, 2011, one of my lofty goals was to flash my readers about the best websites I find on internet.  As my blog's motto is Gain Knowledge through Web, it's my prime duty to keep  up the expectations.

During the course of these 4 years, I introduced  so many best websites to the  netizens who are not aware of their existence. In fact, it is a cooperative effort of some geeks   who liberally share their  knowledge of great stuff on internet with   other like minded netizens  thereby the Web expands and becomes  holistic. 

How Stuff Works is a wonderful website .  It was started in 1998 at a college professor's kitchen table, according to it's About Page.  I have been reading very interesting articles there for the last so many years.

The crux of this website is  its easy to understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works  with  a 40 million strong fan-following  each month.  It has an Android app also which you could download from Play Store.

So it is time to explore this website and enrich with it's envious content !

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