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Thursday, August 06, 2015


Take up one idea, make that one idea your life; think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone.  This is the way to success.

                 Swami Vivekananda

Success has many facets.  That's why, there are so many definitions.  But all come broadly into two categories : Personal Success & Professional Success.    Different people  interpret success differently,  and I am in the habit of taking note of everyone's idea so as to make it holistic.

Identifying your  potential to realize your dreams is what I call ultimate success.    My personal library is dominated by self-help books to inject that  message straight into my veins.  A leader's words always inspire the crowds and I think Vivekananda is taller than anybody in the icons of 20th Century.  Why he occupied larger than life-size in my life is,  because of his unparalleled desire to reach his goal.  He is the living example of how a simple man even without adequate ways and means  could reach to  the pinnacle of success to make his Master's dreams come true.

As far as I remember, the idea to create this blog came to me  in 2005 when I first got  a flash of insight to  name it as  Knoweb, the acronym for Knowledge Web.   In fact, I share my dreams with Google Founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin for a free flow of information.

The motto behind creating this blog is to create short and interesting snippets of information in  all branches  of  knowledge so that a common man could  derive benefit out of them.  The idea solidified only in March,  2011 when I actively started writing  and now the pace is going with hale and hearty.

The problems I experienced in my school and college  life  tired me a lot, as my appetite to know subjects of interest were not in the curriculum nor I was helped by teacher community.  Internet was not there at that time and physical books  ruled the world.

But this generation is blessed with Internet and what we need  now is only focus right kind of information in right time.    I respect the Founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales who brought us Free Encyclopedia (click here to read my article on him).

When it comes to the story of my blog,  it was  started in March, 2011 as a journal note with my reading reactions and  it is very much on the ethos of  wikipdea.   From blog designing to content generation it is an interesting journey.   

 Initially I did n't know much technical things.  In course of time, I somewhat familiarized with them.  Fellow bloggers helped a lot in understanding the technical issues involved in creating a blog.   After doing a lot of ground work , it seems that my  efforts somewhat paid dividends. When you search KNOWEB in Google , my blog comes as first search result.   I wish that one day my blog's pagerank would further improve and it would appear in the first page of Google  when you  search with  words : 'Knowledge Web'.  

Now I am a one-man army doing  at the pace of middle-aged  ( I am 45).   But there was enough progress I could boast of.  On my own I did SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to my blog and it  helped a lot in increasing traffic to my blog.  As of now i.e. on 6th August, 2015 at 0605 am, my blog's  Alexa  rank is 3,83,562 and corresponding India rank is 29,697.

It is surely an uphill task to realize my dream but not an impossible one. Otherwise, I am a happy soul  comfortable in  a service but  my child Knoweb Blog somewhat made me restless.  My aim is  not to earn name and fame but  cater to the inquisitive minds.  More stress is laid in churning out  scholarly articles.

 Making knoweb  popular is my prime agenda. Though it may look herculean task ,but I believe in my strength to take it forward. The great thing with we humans is that we  are endowed with  perseverance.  I read somewhere an interesting quote : When I wake up in the morning, I demand more from myself  than anybody could ever expect.    

Your ability is known to the world once you accomplish a feat. Of course, this is not a feat !  In the process of embarking my goal, whenever, I run out of fuel,  I immerse myself into the literature of great people who adorn my personal library.  I knock their doors and beg them  to bestow me the strength and wisdom .  Surprisingly  I get it every time and today is the turn of  Ruskin Bond to keep my moral up : Don't pray for an easy life. Pray to be a stronger person. 

In fact, the writer in me was born way back in 1989  and when I dug deep into  my old files, I found  a proof  for it.  I could not pursue my hobby vigorously then as  I was   in low steam. Now I felt recouped my energies. The result : more than 350 articles have been churned out  in a span of five years  in all my three blogs (Knoweb, and Wisdom Everest).   All articles have been carefully categorized to generate interest to the lay reader. Still there is a lot to be done.

Like Vivekananda's above words,  one idea that now drives me is my Knowledge Mission and  this blog  is my work horse to realize  my dreams.   And I am confident of realizing it before I complete my earthly sojourn !

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