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Friday, August 07, 2015


The basic instinct of man is ''to question''.  Even when he finds an immediate answer, his mind will not subside and  another question crops up.  Some times, he may not get satisfied with the answer he got.  For those, this is the best  bet to satiate  your hungry mind.  

One advantage of technology today is,  it creates a platform to connect the questioner and answerer.  The world's highest traffic websites bank upon this basic human instinct called ''curiosity''.  The reason for  Google being the number one website  is it's unmatched answering algorithm to your search queries.  Facebook and Twitter caters to your emotional need.  Then what's the third in line to cater your questioning mind.  Of course, it should be  

Last night I watched in my vernacular Telugu TV channel about  Soon enough,  I searched the Net to find its usefulness.  These are the fruits of Information Age.

When I  checked it's history in wikipedia, it  retrieved me the following details :

- It is basically a question - answer website launched in June, 2009.
- You can find fascinating answers to some tough questions.
- It was found by Former Facebook employees Adam DÁngelo and Charlia Cheever.  
- It is having similarities with Wikipedia.
- It has apps both for iPhone and Android.

In my childhood, my mother patiently replies to all  my questions  and now see the difference. Whenever, my daughter asks any question now,  I remain impatient and reply only in bullet points . If she insists me further,  I show her the wayout : Search internet.  Hope this website caters to her needs. Correction - Of course to anybody who have  inquisitive Mind ! 

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