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Sunday, August 02, 2015


When you talk about reservation in India, you must be very careful in airing your views.  The basis for your opinion should be on sound logic.

I think reservation is fair as long as it is based on the criteria of  economic status of the person. More so the fruits of reservation must reach to the  right person in right time.

 But still  rural India is boiling with utter poverty and some people are hardly  getting two square meals in a day.

In his book Ignited Minds, Late Dr. Abdul Kalam says that during his visit to a school in Anand (Gujarat) on 11th April, 2002, a question camp up : who is our enemy ?  Snehal Thakkar, a child who is studying in class 12 gave a correct answer :Our enemy is poverty which is the root cause of all our problems.

You can't ensure equi-development of people when there is utter poverty in some pockets of the country.  And to bring them on mainstream needs a stupendous task and it is the duty of  both government and civil society, especially the CSR efforts of corporate entities.

The problem needs urgent attention as  the ground reality even after 68 years of independence is very pinching. According to census carried out in  2011-12 and released by the government on July 3, 2015,  almost 75 per cent of the rural households highest earning members earn less than Rs.5,000 p.m and only 8 per cent of families in rural India have a family member earning more than Rs.10,000 per month.

Such marginalized people need top most priority  through a kind of reservation where they get guaranteed employment and quality education to their wards  and also to save them from the  exploitation of landlords.  Once they improve their standard of living,  it would not only change the future of their children,  their succeeding generations as well.

When it comes  reservation  policy  both at Centre and State Governments,  we need to act with a caution and the  criterion  for reservation should be  economic status rather than taking a birth in a particular caste/community.  Any reservation based purely on certain caste/religion/creed will tear apart the country and mar the development.

Further  lawmakers should concentrate more on implementation mechanism of current reservations   to remove the inequalities in the society and thereby the dream of Dr. Kalam to see India as a developed nation could be realized by 2020 !

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