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Thursday, August 27, 2015


At this point of time in India, a parent hesitates to say to their relations or acquaintances that his/her child has taken Arts stream at +1 level i.e. Class 11 / Intermediate in South India.  This is the respect the Humanities command in our current education system.

The parents in fact have to judge their children according to their inherent strengths. Comparing them with neighborhood children is foolhardy.  They should not fall into this comparison mania.  

This madness is much prevalent in middle class families right now in India who illogically brainwash their wards to toe in their line.  It is utterly ridiculous.  When they force the children to choose career options not according to their inclinations but to the popularity of the day, I think  somewhere, we are side-tracking the child and the child may not be passionate enough to shine in his/her life.
The other day, I read an interesting story in India Today magazine dated August, 10,2015.  It is a first-hand reportage of what is happening inside Kota’s IIT Factories. 

- Stay for cussed is the buzzword in Kota.

- Every year, almost 120,000 students from all parts of India descend on this city hoping to undergo intensive learning/cramming programmes.

- Currently, there are more than 150 coaching centres, big and small concentrated in this city of two million people.

- Students are taught shortcuts and mnemonics to remember formulas and equations to solve questions.

- Students are segregated into various batches based on their performance.

- Teaching methods are also constantly evolving.

- A detailed analysis of student’s performance is done online with an access to parents.

- Students get diaries in which they are supposed to make notes about their day-to-day activities. The diary has columns such as ‘Did I wake up prior to sunrise?’ ‘Did I completed my daily routine, exercise and prayer timely?’

When you take a glance of above points which factor a lot behind the success of Kota's Magic success formula, there is no hesitation that the above concepts if introduced in our primary and secondary educational system would help a lot and strengthen the standard of education.   

Moreover, in the field of teaching, creativity with constant innovation should be ensured to brighten the talents of young minds.   If children are enough ignited, the education becomes fun and play.   But sadly, we have a stereotypical system where there is less wow moment in child's daily life.

Apart from structural changes in curriculum, if parents & teachers take active charge on the growth of children, they would turn into ultimate dream machines.  

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