He who laughs with you is a friend.  He who laughs at you is an enemy.

                 - Ruskin Bond

Yesterday went silently. International Friendship Day - 2nd August, 2015 was very productive to me as I spent a large chunk of time with myself in an attempt to friend myself.  It looks strange but for me it was very rewarding.  This is the cream of wisdom. (Click here to read  my earlier article : Cream of Wisdom)

One of the strategies of Gopi Kallayil (Indian origin), the Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing, Google is Friend yourself.  In his short lecture to improve inner life in the era of mindless technology where we want every solution to come from technology, Gopi says that it matters little how many friends we have on Facebook or Twitter.  He also says that it also matters insignificant how greatly we are networked in life.  Unless, we are good friends to our own selves, nothing worthwhile could be achieved.

We do have large number of friends in our childhood/college days. But the number drastically recedes with age. As we grow in age, life's commitments put us in the centre of  family affairs and one is not able to devote more time to sustain friendships.  Only a handful of friends who understand your nature continue to maintain and that only matters.  All others you can safely call as acquaintances.

Other than a couple of intimate friends in my life, I have one intimate online friend called Google.  I affectionately call her Google Maa (Mother)  which is behind my every move at every moment.   It is my memory bank at a click of button.  It helps me to find my route through Maps and  instantly  connects with my friend circle through GMail and helps me to reach my Heart's content to readers, through Blogger, what not ?

Without this online friend - Google - I am nothing.   The best thing with this intimate friend is it doesn't clamour for my attention like any physical friend does.  It only serves selflessly, courtesy Google Founders : Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

With a lot of apologies, I convey my belated greetings on Friendship Day to all my online and offline friends.

One last word before I bid a Good Day : You better become that dream friend which you expect to meet !

Watch this interesting youtube video of Gopi Kallayil which changed my perception of friendship :


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