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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Making India AwesomeChetan Bhagat, better known for his fiction novels,  stands as publisher’s delight.  He  is  special to me. because, he  beleived himself as a writer which led to  his leaving investment banker profession and  settle as writer.  Younger to me but bolder enough with a calibrated approach.   More over his  case is different as  he already earned sufficiently  before he quit the job and and his wife is also a working woman.   Apart from that, he had India's dream education  IIT  with Management degree from IIM.

My case is different to the extent that my wife is housewife and I am not IIT graduate nor  MBA from IIM.  I am a modest commerce graduate of 1990s  with a middle-level position. in government.  But the writer is wide awaken in me right now  and the testimony is 390 articles/posts in all my  four blogs.  

I have partly finished his earlier book What Young India Wants and yet to open a page of his fiction Half Girl Friend.

His latest book Making India Awesome is now on stands. I just read it’s book review in India Today (English) magazine written  journalist Shivam Vij.  When I read that review, it was so gripping with a piece of advice.  This  sort review is  what a common reader wants.  Mr Vij's analytical review of writer’s mind  is so catchy. It is a review that gives sufficient play field for reader's  buying decision.

Chetan Bhagat over the years earned reputation as Youth Writer. So whatever comes from his mouth, that becomes instant success and youth read him more than any other age group.   His style is very simple  and I felt that much of his writings are driven by economics and politics.    He  is a mass writer and  knows pulse of youngsters.   

When  the book was released, I got a flash on my mobile phone. Instantly I  downloaded the sample ebook into my Kindle app  and a cursory glance of the e-book depicts his take on very contentious issues plaguing the society and his writing was aimed at youth to bring   positive change in the governance.  

Like Sam Pitroda said that there is no dearth of problems in India and what you need is courage and conviction to fight for larger good.  Before expecting societal transformation, it is individual’s stereotypic chalta hai mindset  that needs to be changed.   Internet with  free flow of information already brought considerable change, but a lot needs to be done and it is people's  combined will that would change the face of India.

Shashi Tharoor and Chetan Bhagat who are  armed with sound academic credentials must influence India’s thought process.  What they are articulating through their writings and other forums must be heard  by those in Power and let us hope that brighter  days are ahead if we could  ensure cent percent literacy in the country which is still seems an uphill task.

With this note, I recommend you to  buy  this book to inject patriotic fervour into your veins !

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