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Thursday, August 20, 2015


A blogger is a writer in miniature form.  He/she has constant hunger to write, share and crave for laurels from readers.  This need is biological and embedded  in DNA.  Whether the outside world understands that  urge or not but his/her life partner,  must be on board  so that the inner canvas of blogger is radiant with brilliant colours and creative juices.

It's  pretty uphill task to keep wife  in good cheers.  When I reach home, I want each of my family members in good mood so that the atmosphere helps  to write.  But, these days, I am on direct line of fire of her fury.  May be I am responsible for not paying adequate  undivided attention to her.  The problem is that  I am feeling   short of it  since  March, 2011 when I started writing for this blog.

A grumpy wife is difficult to  cope up when you reach home after  a day's work in office.  When  I return home in the evening,  I reasonably expect all my family members in serene mood so that the family dinner becomes pleasant.  But, all don't go well when a man embarks on higher goals and confrontation starts with limited resources like Time, Attention.

When I reach in late evening, I carry with me some thoughts and feel to put to pen but the task is not as easy as told.  In the process of doing, I have to bear the brunt of situation. I would be in fix as  children join their mother to train  guns on me.  I am a helpless guy.  I need to take a swift retreat and up my hands before the situation deteriorates.   All this necessitates because the blogger inside don't want turmoil.               

I know that the solution is to bring  wife  on board with my mission.  Need to ignite her enough to suggest me to write more.

These days, I find novel ways to impress her.   I share my new articles with  her  through Whatsapp who in turn share instantly with her circle of Whatsapp friends.  When she feeds me their feedback, it is like  soothing music to my ears.

However, I want a permanent solution to end regular friction at home so that writing saga continues uninterruptedly.   And the ultimate solution flashed to my mind this morning :    Read my Mission Statement loud every morning so that wife also listens it and  push me  to higher trajectory !

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