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The mobile telephony has facilitated so many comforts in our lives.  It kept our on-the-go life more vibrant.  Now everything is just a click of button.

Use Google Maps to identify less-congested roads to reach airport in time and  meanwhile check the arrival/departure of flights on the way.  Now that enquiry is more hassle free and app-driven especially for Delhi.

New Delhi International Airport has recently released an official app which is now available  both in Android and iOS platforms.  For frequent travellers to Delhi, it is a boon.  Here are the main features of this app :

- Gives you the ability to search and register for the alerts for the desired flights.

- Gives you the ability to send booking requests for Hotels, Parking, Lounges and Shower from anywhere just with the app in your palm.

- Gives you the ability to surf through all the available offers and gives important information on location of the services available at New Delhi Airport.


Screenshot of ADHM website 
Airtel, one of the India's private telecom giants is organizing Delhi Half Marathon on November 29, 2015.   Last year, one of my friends Mr. Ravi took part in it and his experience when narrated to me triggered to write on him. (click here to read)  Mr. Ravi who is 50+ then again  registered his name for this year's  edition and I am envy of his youthful vigour and  his uncompromising fitness regimen.

When people of his age turn out in larger numbers for these Half Marathons, it reflects their personality and their concern for fitness/health.  Youth, especially students need to participate in large numbers.  I suggest that like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, schools and colleges in Delhi must push their students for this event so that it gives a larger message to other laggards to maintain fitness.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal registered himself first for the upcoming event and Delhi Government is associating with this event.   This 11th edition aimed to propagate the message of health and fitness among city populace.  More than 32,000 runners of different nationalities, including some of the world's best athletes are likely to participate in this event.

Like Yoga Day, it must also be a big success. 

If you want to know more details or register for the event log on to organizers below mentioned website:


Metro Rail is Delhi's lifeline. You can't imagine life without it now.  Ever since, I abandoned my two-wheeler ride, for commute to office, my choice lies between metro and auto.  These metro rides give me a glimpse of city's mood and help to churn out stories for my blog. 

Here is good news for metro riders now.

Badarpur - Faridabad extension of Delhi Metro is likely to be inaugurated by Prime Minister on 6th September, 2015. According to the press release by the Delhi Metro, the details are as under :

Corridor Highlights:

— Route Length: 13.875 Km 
— Completely elevated corridor (extension of ITO- Badarpur line/Line-6) 
— Number of Stations: 9
— Names of stations: Sarai, NHPC Chowk, Mewala Maharajpur, Sector 28, Badkal Mor, Old Faridabad, Neelam Chowk Ajronda, Bata Chowk, Escorts Mujesar.

When this service starts, I plan my ride from Moolchand Metro Station (which is nearest point from my home) to Faridabad and would write  my experience.


 Last night's watching of that half-an-hour episode on my local channel commemorating Telugu Language Day saved my situation.

Today is Telugu Language Day – 29th August, 2015. This day must be etched into the permanent memory of all Andhraites.  But in the din of metro life, it was not on my radar and the timely TV programme rescued me to come before you to write this post.

I feel blessed of taking birth on this wonderland called Andhra Pradesh, India. My own birthplace Vijayawada is now center of governance. It  is now a makeshift capital after bifurcation on 2nd June last year and a new Telugu State Telangana born out of it.  Our new dream capital Amaravathi is yet to come up for which drawing room work just completed and Prime Minister of India may lay the foundation this October.

Bifurcation has slid our State into serious financial troubles. Even in the midst of these neck-deep problems, my mood is upbeat, because the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu is working hard to create a brand value for our State to attract more investment. If everything goes as planned, Andhra Pradesh would surpass all other States in all growth parameters in the coming years.

Telugu is a Dravidian language and  is predominantly spoken in more than one Indian State after Hindi, English and Bengali.  Telugu ranks third by the number of native speakers in India (74 million according to 2001 Census). I have special charm for it and my interest in recent times drove me to find credible sources of history of Telugu as well as Andhra Pradesh.  Since I did not find one single source for my desired information, I banked upon government run websites and patiently downloaded all relevant stuff and stitched into a book for my personal library.

I have a vigorous plan to read the best Telugu literary works in the coming years. As a part of this inspiring project, I purchased a book: Telugu vari sampurna Pedda Bala Siksha written by Gajula Satyanarayana way back in 2009. Some select portions were already read from the bulky book of above one thousand pages.

When it comes to observance of Telugu Language Day, history reveals that Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy, Father of Telugu as a Spoken Language is the man behind this language revolution. This teacher and historian is one of the earliest modern Telugu linguists and social visionary during British Rule.  As a mark of respect to his immense contribution to Telugu, his birthday 29th August (8/29/1863) is celebrated as Telugu Language Day.

Today's local newspapers widely covered and a prominent telugu daily Eenadu has brought out some interesting articles on this occasion.  After going through those articles, a fresh dose of patriotic fervour filled my system.   When I think of what I must do to keep alive this heritage in my own family, I felt that my younger daughter who can’t read Telugu need to be given some capsule course as it was somewhat neglected due to my Pan-India service.

Occasions are simply not to remember those giants and the real tribute we could pay is to work on their causes. On this occasion, I take a pledge to promote my mother tongue Telugu in whatever way possible and protect my ethnic and cultural identity without violating the secular character of my nation.

Here are some of the best internet links I find during the course of writing this post:

Another credible source on Telugu :
Telugu Language Giant Gidigu Venkata Ramamoorty
The below link is for netizens who could read/write Telugu  :


My writing this post is not aimed to teach lessons to youth who are brilliant in this Information Age.

But it is a shrinking space of public decency right now in Delhi.

A week ago I wrote book review on Chetan Bhagat’s recently released book Making India Awesome – you can read my book review
here. The prescription suggested by Bhagat is awesome. Much of the problems Bhagat projected come into personal space. It is the individual who must first reform. You can’t blame the whole society or government when somebody with his/her faulty inner constitution makes  mess of everything.

Bhagat is simply not first to raise hackles and offer solutions to the problems we are facing.  Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, more than projecting the problems has offered detailed roadmap to achieve the objectives he set for India 
to become a developed nation by 2020.   I am confident of achieving that lofty goal if   honesty is brought to the core of our being. There must be honesty in every thought and action. If it is coupled with responsible behavior, especially in public places, we can put a tab on all social evils, especially eve-teasing, molestation, rape etc.

But the ground reality is disturbing and  worrisome.   In my earlier posts, I expressed my serious concern and  anguish and  wrote on the
underbelly of rising metropolis where entertainment means a filmy-kind of stuff with a high dose of sex and violence.   Majority of illiterate or semi-literate people don’t have other options/hobbies like book reading, mind-power games/ edutainment for a quality life. The kind of problems I come across in Delhi made me too scary for safety and security of my near loved ones.

One newspaper recently termed
Delhi as rape capital of India (The Hindu dated August, 19, 2015). According to latest statistics, Delhi reported highest number of rape cases in proportion to its women population for any other city/ State last year.   The city reported 1,813 rapes in 2014, up from 1,441 in 2013. The report portrays Delhi as country’s crime capital which is based on substantial crime data.

Being a resident of Delhi for the last 5 years, I have my own insights for this sorry state of affairs. It has one of the highest floating populations in the country. The city embraces with welcome hands of whoever wants to make a living here.

I am much worried on the dangerous trend among certain youth in Delhi.  Reckless public display of intimacy between a man and women is fast eroding moral standards.  The uneducated, labour class who come from hinterland may turn into a potent hazard for women security. May be they are illiterate or semi-literate but are not lagging behind in using technology for their entertainment and mobile internet opened  the floodgates of their fantasy.

My metro rides are very pinching to see shocking visuals where a young woman pats on the cheeks of her man who responds equally with  a mix of cat cries, all in front of public who have to endure with the patience of Dalai Lama. The problem is that such youth think that whatever they are doing is right and the people should not see them with evil eye.

This trend may spin into a major law and order crisis  if not controlled.  When I see
Delhi during night, my mind resonates with City Bank’s ad : the City never sleeps.  Youth here are boisterous and want to enjoy night life with full colours and liberty and when they start indulging in full public glare, they forget the inconvenience it causes to elders/ other citizens.    My point is that they must be sane enough when they come to public places. They may lead their lives as they wish within four walls of their homes. But responsible public behavior is expected outside as the world is watching them and the image of nation is at stake.  The solution lies in  better parental monitoring which  is lacking right now.

The  elders must take charge of the situation in public places and this step can't be called moral policing but a kind of mentoring which would reform such  youth  and then our public places no doubt become safe for women.


At this point of time in India, a parent hesitates to say to their relations or acquaintances that his/her child has taken Arts stream at +1 level i.e. Class 11 / Intermediate in South India.  This is the respect the Humanities command in our current education system.

The parents in fact have to judge their children according to their inherent strengths. Comparing them with neighborhood children is foolhardy.  They should not fall into this comparison mania.  

This madness is much prevalent in middle class families right now in India who illogically brainwash their wards to toe in their line.  It is utterly ridiculous.  When they force the children to choose career options not according to their inclinations but to the popularity of the day, I think  somewhere, we are side-tracking the child and the child may not be passionate enough to shine in his/her life.
The other day, I read an interesting story in India Today magazine dated August, 10,2015.  It is a first-hand reportage of what is happening inside Kota’s IIT Factories. 

- Stay for cussed is the buzzword in Kota.

- Every year, almost 120,000 students from all parts of India descend on this city hoping to undergo intensive learning/cramming programmes.

- Currently, there are more than 150 coaching centres, big and small concentrated in this city of two million people.

- Students are taught shortcuts and mnemonics to remember formulas and equations to solve questions.

- Students are segregated into various batches based on their performance.

- Teaching methods are also constantly evolving.

- A detailed analysis of student’s performance is done online with an access to parents.

- Students get diaries in which they are supposed to make notes about their day-to-day activities. The diary has columns such as ‘Did I wake up prior to sunrise?’ ‘Did I completed my daily routine, exercise and prayer timely?’

When you take a glance of above points which factor a lot behind the success of Kota's Magic success formula, there is no hesitation that the above concepts if introduced in our primary and secondary educational system would help a lot and strengthen the standard of education.   

Moreover, in the field of teaching, creativity with constant innovation should be ensured to brighten the talents of young minds.   If children are enough ignited, the education becomes fun and play.   But sadly, we have a stereotypical system where there is less wow moment in child's daily life.

Apart from structural changes in curriculum, if parents & teachers take active charge on the growth of children, they would turn into ultimate dream machines.  



Blogger is a pretty special species with a constant hunger to share and earn laurels. 

For years I didn’t know what blog means. Then I knocked the door of Google Maa. Blog stands for Web Log.  The first two alphabets of Web   are removed and 'b' is added to word 'log' to make it a composite word called blog. The dictionary meaning for it is : a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

In my perception, a blog is a daily diary note or you could better call it a journal.

In our daily lives there is no window to ventilate some of our inner feelings or insights and you need a channel or platform so that the emotional need is met with by blog which is your public slate so that everybody could reach and read it.

When I asked the popular Question – Answer website Quora about the history of blogging, one gentleman named Robert Charles Lee replies the following: 

" It's not easy to determine the number with reliability. The main difficulty is that blogs come and go all the time. Quite a lot of them continue to exist online but are in fact abandoned by the user only after a few weeks or months.

One info graphic (How Many Blogs are on the Internet) puts the figure at 152 million blogs for year 2013.   Another source (Number of blogs world from 2006 to 2011 Statistic) puts the figure at around 173 million blogs in2011. Both may have different methodologies for computing the figures, but both sound plausible enough. It's been 20 years since the world's first-ever website (CERN) in 1991/93, and blogs started appearing very shortly after that.

I understand from the data-crunching crowd that a possibly more reliable figure is to measure by the number of total blog posts per day -- presumably because some blogs still online are in fact dormant or abandoned. Right now, Blogging Statistics - Worldometers gives 1.13 million posts today (and counting) for 21 March 2015. "

I have been on this blogging journey since March, 2011 and my combined posts in all my blogs surpassed 400.  Blogging is simply not a cut & paste activity. Your creativity must reflect in all aspects from its title, logo, page design to contents. When somebody sees it, it must reflect your personality.

 The blogger must have aesthetic sense. Moreover, blogging is a balancing act of what you know, what you like to write, and what you should write. Then only it reaches to larger audience. If somebody craves only popularity and great Alexa ranking, I feel that he or she may not churn out creative stuff. One must compete with oneself to bring out the best. Software tricks or algorithms may not take you to long success. Content is the king. Even the Google Founders reiterate this fact number of times.

It is time to recognize the need that Content is the King in the blogger world. I believe that if you write your best, you would definitely find loyal readers for your posts. Recent success of famous Telugu – Hindi Movie Bauble   proved to the world that the audience would lay a red carpet for creativity, uniqueness. The movie has pulled out all stops in every department of film-making. It is more than 3 years effort of Director Rajamouli.

 Whenever, I upset with my dwindling Alexa rank, I take a deep relaxed  breath and work on my own way without compromising quality of the content.   Long back I decided to create a brand value for my blog's title KNOWEB which is an acronym for Knowledge Web and the end result is clearly visible after four years.  When you search knoweb it retrieves with healthy number of links to my blogs. I am not a techie to advice on technical areas of blogging.  But surely I am a content generator and I vouch this fact after 400 posts. 

Occasionally I lose my steam and the lucky thing is somebody in the world validates my conviction.  Recently, Kapish Mehra, head of Rupa Publishing, during his interaction with a newspaper  says that next decade content will be the king. May be he says these words in publishing world, but his words equally hold good in the blogging world.

Online Maa Google with its algorithm is desperately trying to give quality search results for all of us, but the quality of websites or blogs must lie in the hands of webmasters/ administrators who create them. If they all try to pay   attention only for short term gains, they may leave the internet with junk. It should not be mantra for a chosen few. The urgency for this need must be embedded in the minds of all stakeholders. When, bloggers join this bandwagon and churn out quality content, internet becomes the best communication vehicle for transporting ideas and could better connect us.



One boon of technology is Internet.  Everybody is using it, but nobody has seen it the mammoth data it is creating on the back of it.

If you are interested to see the data in real time, click below link and leave rest to your imagination.


In this technology-driven life, even a moment without gadget would put you in quandary.

Still my 2007 purchased bulky Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary adored my study desk, simply as a show piece and not being used for long.

Mobile dictionary app  and its desktop counterpart are my companions now to build my vocabulary, even on the go. Getting a meaning to the word is now an effortless spool with this app.

Last after-noon when my mobile was put on charging, I tried to refer my side by Oxford dictionary.  Not only it took more than 7 minutes to retrieve meaning to a word but it drained out my energies in the process.  Flipping through those onion-peel thin pages is hard to negotiate now.   I felt that finally New Digital Age set in our lives.    Immediately, I dropped my earlier idea of purchasing new edition of Oxford dictionary as it doesn't give any intrinsic benefit compare to its digital mate. 

The information world drastically changed.  Encyclopedia of Britannica took a digital avatar by abandoning printing of hard-bound editions.  EBooks have already invaded our lives. But I can't substitute my book reading with ebooks.  The flavor of reading physical books is different compare to its digital cousin.

Let wisdom prevail to choose which one is better for the context.


This April (2015) when I was deeply upset for not taking  my blog to below ten thousand India ranking (My Alexa Ranking) I almost abandoned to update the content on daily basis and concentrated on my other passion : Reading

For three months, I deserted my blog babies to Almighty’s care and indulged deeply in worldly affairs.  But that made me dry and I came back to writing saga after four months.

At 45, I felt that I am working more than my energies permit to make this blog as a knowledge hub.  Whether I succeed or not, only God knows.   But I am doing it with passion.

Whenever, I run out of fuel, I search for triggers so that I could continue my writing journey.   Last night I got a trigger. India Today Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie in his editorial (India Today English August, 31, 2015) stated that Narendra Modi delivered a 90-minute extempore speech on Independence Day, the longest by any prime minister in recent times. The next day, he left for a punishing two-day trip to the UAE.  After returning late at night, he flied to Bihar the next morning to address two poll rallies.  He further stated that Modi is among the hardest-working prime ministers we’ve had.  With this kind of commitment and dedication, one would expect that the nation would be happy with him and his government.

Journalists tend to be cynical.  They would be over-cautious when they praise especially politicians. But a truth must be projected in straight words, says journalistic ethics and Mr. Purie simply did that.  When I read those above lines, I forgot my hard work on this blog.

Mr. Modi who is almost 20 years older than me proved as a fountain of energy, where as I was complacent and abandoned the  work which I was supposed to continue relentlessly until I meet my stated goal.  Mr. Modi seems to be serving people with passion and I must inject that virtue into my system to weather all difficulties that come on the way!


My Vocabulary Note Book

To write means having proficiency on language.  Whether you choose your mother tongue or a foreign language, you must have reasonable command to knit your thoughts into an interesting narrative.

When I decided to show to the world that I could write, I was already a writer confined to my inner chambers of heart.  Then I was in the habit of writing on my mind-slate constantly, so I did not find it tough when I started writing for my blog in March, 2011.

Vivekananda is my guiding light to hone my language abilities.  I read his Chicago lecture countless times in my final year of graduation.  If you read those immortal words, a new power unleashes into your system.  What mesmerized me in that particular lecture is the kind of his select words before American audience.  In fact that speech of Vivekananda drove me to read his biography and further inclined me to show special interest on philosophy  Book after book, my interest multiplied to read more of Vivekananda .  I was completely swept by Swamiji’s inspiring passages.  I wondered his super-human capabilities, especially his photographic memory power.   What ignited a lot is this timeless quote : If you can think that infinite power, infinite knowledge and indomitable energy lie within you, and if you can bring that power, you also can become like me.

When I look back those troubled times when I abandoned studies and started reading Swamiji’s literature, I feel that I would have bigger agenda in my life.   I realized my strengths that could not only inspire myself but could inspire others as well through my words.  When you read Swamiji’s works, you would stand up with enthusiasm in search of your own inner power. 

Since, I already decided in my college years (1990s) to write on consistent basis, I started building word power.  Initially, I used to write a few new
words and their meanings daily on loose-old-science record sheets of my elder sister.  I also began to collect paper clippings of The Hindu (newspaper) column: Know Your English .    Being in the habit of keeping of all old things intact, it was difficult to keep those papers in tact in a file and when I flip through those yellowed pages now, I could not only feel the scent of those old papers but recollect those vivid memories which strengthen my resolve to further hone my skills.  Till this day, that habit is continued with some minor interruptions now and then.

When I started writing seriously in 2011, I felt high deficiency of apt words to fit to the context.  For almost one year, I simply used to  refer dictionary to know new words,  but only on 4/22/2012,  I recognized the need to open a dedicated  note book to write words on daily basis and so far  I wrote more than 3500 words.   Some of those words were well into my muscle memory.  Simultaneously, I also started observing the sentence structures in newspapers and magazines to grasp the style and started working on my own style.

Like Rome was not built in a day, vocabulary should be built brick-by-brick.  There is no magic wand that makes you super-human in vocabulary nor can it be instantly downloaded into your brain. 

Vocabulary is the basic building block of language upon which the empire of a writer is built.  If you use third-class words, poverty flows into your prose and readers would skip to next best one.   So bloggers who dream to write big must first recognize the need to build vocabulary on daily basis!


We are inherited by British -driven education system Lord Macaulay introduced more than 180 years  ago. The basic purpose of  such education is to groom clerks for his erstwhile East India Company. Those Victorian times had gone, but we are still languishing with rote learning as a dominant factor.

The current education you can say, is simply examination-oriented. Students' aim is how to score high marks than how better understand the subjects taught. The guiding light of student - teacher is locked up in mediocrity. Majority of teachers do their teaching jobs as a routine  with no creativity. They don't read beyond the subjects they teach. The fate of our  educational system is better explained by technocrat and former chairman of Knowledge Commission Sam Pitroda. He says that our teachers do not do research and our researchers don't teach.

People in different walks of life have varied backgrounds with  individual strengths/ experiences.  If they are  channelized and create a platform , they could brilliantly give gripping lessons   to students of advanced learning say 11th, 12th and graduation level.

 We need to create a structure immediately where such liberal minds get a chance to teach/share their ideas/experience with students across streams - Humanities & Sciences. An online databank of such volunteers who wish to teach students with subject, date and time and location would give new fillip to institutions which must act to allot those slots to schools in a time-bound action plan. This way the students are exposed to real world with latest inputs received directly from concerned domain experts in the society. 

When those good times come, I register myself to teach to students/like minded. Dr. Kalam with his post-retirement life has ignited me enough by teaching children/students across the world. I continue to draw my inspiration from this towering personality. His books always lift me to unimaginable heights. 

When it comes to education reforms, I feel that  science must be kept compulsory. It must be an added subject in Humanities at  +1 and graduation level so that children improve their learning curve. When subject books are devised, stress should be laid to write in an interesting tone to ignite students. I am telling these words after reading a couple of lessons of my class 11 daughter's Geography book. It is time to write less technical jargon and more in an understandable way.

When it comes to teaching, we have to strike a balance between  teacher and taught (student). Both their egos should not clash in giving and taking process. The very process of teaching is explained by Galileo these in superb words : You can't teach a man anything; you can only help him/her to find it within himself/ herself. Poet Alexander Pope further refined it : Men must be taught as if you taught them not, and things unknown proposed as things forgot. 

If the teacher follows the Galileo and Alexander Pope principle, teaching would turn into play and fun and the close bond between a teacher and pupil give education a creative thrust.  It travels beyond school subjects. Then teacher like a friend instantly connects with  students and this alchemy creates an unexpected wonders in their lives. 

I love to switch over to teaching profession as soon as possible.   I have evolved my own methods and procedures on knowledge front. May be it is not having a government's vetting.  If I don't get opportunity then I would love to settle as librarian so that I get adequate time to read a lot and derive maximum benefit from the books I account for. 

Sharing of knowledge is  synonymous with  teaching. This should be a new mantra to bring radical change in education.  When blogs grow into  knowledge hubs, it gives a different sort of education across age groups.   

I am waiting for a day when volunteers come liberally to teach students without expecting anything and students derive full benefit from the lessons being  taught. This task is  simply not  left to government hands. Civil society, corporates, other NGOs must plunge into action to strengthen our education system to bring back the glory of Indian Education System. 

When education happens in this atmosphere, the students blossom and choose their careers. When they choose their careers, they do wonders in their lives. Parents must only play supportive role as a guardian and facilitator so that the child's creativity is allowed to flourish. This is what education in true sense with no time limit set for learning and it should continue till last breath.

 To know what education means, we must turn toward Vivekananda who says that : Education is manifestation of perfection already man !

Let these noble ideas are translated into noble deeds !


Chetan Bhagat, better known for his fiction novels,  stands as publisher’s delight.  He  is  special to me. because, he  believed himself as a writer which led to  his leaving investment banker profession and  settle as writer.  Younger to me but bolder enough with a calibrated approach.   More over his  case is different as  he already earned sufficiently  before he quit the job and  his wife is also a working woman.   Apart from that, he had India's dream education  IIT  with Management degree from IIM.

My case is different to the extent that my wife is housewife and I am not an IITian nor armed with an MBA.  I am a modest commerce graduate of 1990s  with a middle-level position in the government.  But the writer is wide awaken in me right now  and the testimony is 390 articles/posts in all my  four blogs.  

I have partly finished reading his earlier book What Young India Wants and yet to open a page of his fiction Half Girl Friend.

His latest book Making India Awesome is now on stands. I just read it’s book review in India Today (English) written  journalist Shivam Vij.  When I read that review, it was so gripping with a piece of advice.  This  sort review is  what a common reader wants.  Mr Vij's analytical review of writer’s mind  is so engrossing which is  sufficient play field for reader's  buying decision.

Chetan Bhagat over the years earned reputation as a Youth Writer. So whatever comes from his pen  becomes instant success and youth read him more than any other age group.   His style is very simple  and I felt that much of his writings are driven by economics and politics.    He  is a mass writer and  knows the pulse of youngsters.   

When  the book was released, I got a flash on my mobile phone. Instantly I  downloaded the sample ebook into my Kindle app  and a cursory glance of it  depicts his take on very contentious issues plaguing the society and his writing was aimed at youth to bring   positive change in the governance.  

Like Sam Pitroda said that there is no dearth of problems in India and what we need is courage and conviction to fight for larger good.  Before expecting societal transformation, it is individual’s stereotypic chalta hai mindset  that needs to be changed.   Internet with  free flow of information already brought considerable change, but a lot needs to be done and it is people's  combined will that would transform the face of India.

Shashi Tharoor and Chetan Bhagat who are  armed with sound academic credentials must influence India’s thought process.  What they are articulating through their writings and other forums must be heard  by those in Power and let us hope that brighter  days are ahead if we could  ensure cent percent literacy in the country which is still an uphill task.

With this note, I recommend you to  buy  this book to inject patriotic fervour into your veins !


 The fate of auto-rickshaw users everywhere is the same. Whether it is bustling national capital Delhi or organic city Chandigarh.

Proud to be a Delhite for the last 5 years. But I had my share of woes with my primary transport -  auto-rickshaw.  Even, if I pray God, He may come down immediately, but it is not the case with  a auto-rickshawallah.  Getting an auto  in Delhi  in time is like God walking into your way. Though, so many of them pass through in front of you,  but rarely  one smiles and agree to transport you to your desired destination.

Renowned publisher turned writer Ashok Chopra in his book : A Scrapbook of Memories says that the autorickshawallah is mostly unwilling and grumbling for he goes on the routes he wants to and not where you have to. 

Most auto-rickshawallahs do have fare-meters but they rarely  operate and demand money at their whims.  Their cruelty to earn  unreasonably multiplies during  night hours.  It seems that rules and regulations don't work in favour of users.

Last night, after evening office hours, I had to wait for an auto rickshaw at JLN Stadium, South Delhi for half an hour but I could not get.   Then I walked certain distance with one hand trying desperately to book auto online through a mobile app called Ola, but could not succeed.   I needed to rush home to take   some medicine  to my wife who was ailing  with earache.  Suddenly, the heaven smiled on me as I got an auto rickshaw.  When I booked his vehicle to drop me at  home, I asked him to take me to a nearby medical shop  and I assured  to pay  Rs.10/- extra for that short distance he had to drive in different route.   Things worked as  cherished and auto wallah dropped me at home.  But he spin my head by demanding Rs.100/- and the normal fare is  Rs.60/- if  booked online.   I could brawl with him the way he demanded , but positivity permeated me and I conceded to his demand.

 If I would have fired on him, he might have settled with Rs.80/- but I didn't opt that because, some thoughts were swirling in my mind  for a story in  my blog, perhaps the next day !  


Internet opened floodgates for new avenues  to  businesses.  It helps to create new markets, new professions and start-ups which not only increase the economic activity but wipe out the limits of our imagination.

I always search for such everyday stories to help common man who when he/she visits my blog must not return without deriving some benefit.  Some times, the source material for my articles is an obscure news item in a vernacular newspaper and some other times in a weekend magazine.  I patiently maintain archive of such useful stuff,  simply not for writing posts but for my own personal benefit.

One such piece of news that came to me last week is about a website called .  If somebody wants to purchase a dead cheep desktop or laptop of older configuration for their children or if an NGO   wants to expend minimum money for their office needs, here is a place to choose the right computer.

This start-up of Bangalore boys Mukund and Raghava  is doing fabulous business.  With an immense  confidence on himself,  Mukund, a IIM graduate with a job in ITC bid  goodbye  and roped in his cousin Raghava to start Renew It in 2009.  With the strength of cousin's software background coupled with  his market skills,  it was an inspiring start.

The range for  second-hand  computers is between 4000-8000 rupees meant for  middle class or targeted sections.  This company may do many more  wonders  in the coming years as the founders have already won a FKCCI Innovation Excellence Award and coveted CNBC Masterpreneur Award.


A blogger is a writer in miniature form.  He/she has constant hunger to write, share and crave for laurels from readers.  This need is biological and embedded  in his/her DNA.  Whether the outside world understands that  urge or not but his/her life partner,  must be on board  so that the inner canvas of blogger is radiant with brilliant colours with creative juices.

It's  pretty an uphill task to keep wife  in good cheers.  When I reach home, I want each of my family members in good mood so that the atmosphere helps  to write.  But, these days, I am on direct line of fire of her fury.  May be I am responsible for not paying adequate  undivided attention to her.  The problem is that  I am feeling   short of it  since  March, 2011 when I started writing for this blog.

A grumpy wife is difficult to  cope up when you reach home after  a day's work in office.  When  I return home in the evening,  I reasonably expect all my family members in serene mood so that the family dinner becomes pleasant.  But, all don't go well when a man embarks on higher goals and confrontation starts with limited resources like Time, Attention.

When I reach in late evening, I carry with me some thoughts and feel to put to pen but the task is not as easy as told.  In the process of doing, I have to bear the brunt of situation. I would be in fix as  children join their mother to train  guns on me.  I am a helpless guy.  I need to take a swift retreat and up my hands before the situation deteriorates.   All this necessitates because the blogger inside don't want turmoil.               

I know that the solution is to bring  wife  on board with my mission.  Need to ignite her enough to suggest me to write more.

These days, I find novel ways to impress her.   I share my new articles with  her  through Whatsapp which  instantly shares with her circle of Whatsapp friends.  When she feeds me their feedback, it is like  soothing music to my ears.

However, I want a permanent solution to end regular friction at home so that writing saga continues uninterruptedly.   And the ultimate solution flashed to my mind this morning :    Read my Mission Statement loud every morning so that my wife also listens to it and  push me  to higher trajectory !


 When I ruminate my encounters with web in pre-google years (1998-99), I felt great  difficulties to find the best websites in terms of rich content. Seventeen years down the line,  there is a  visible difference.   Technology facilitated all this and it's our duty to derive maximum benefit from this Information Revolution !

When I created this blog in  March, 2011, one of my lofty goals was to flash my readers about the best websites I find on internet.  As my blog's motto is Gain Knowledge through Web, it's my prime duty to keep  up the expectations.

During the course of these 4 years, I introduced  so many best websites to the  netizens who are not aware of their existence. In fact, it is a cooperative effort of some geeks   who liberally share their  knowledge of great stuff on internet with   other like minded netizens  thereby the Web expands and becomes  holistic. 

How Stuff Works is a wonderful website .  It was started in 1998 at a college professor's kitchen table, according to it's About Page.  I have been reading very interesting articles there for the last so many years.

The crux of this website is  its easy to understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works  with  a 40 million strong fan-following  each month.  It has an Android app also which you could download from Play Store.

So it is time to explore this website and enrich with it's envious content !


In this Internet Age, Information is powerful. (Read my earlier article : The Power of Information here )

Those who are starved of information are bound to perish.  Even if they survive, they don't fetch respect in the society.   They ill-equip themselves to deal with daily challenges. This is new age enlightenment.

The other day when I suggested a friend to purchase  a self-help book, he said that Ok I would order it through Flipkart.  I said why you narrowed your choice to a particular e-commerce site.  His reply was palpable.   In fact, he did not know the existence of  one website called  which takes pains on your behalf to search seven leading online bookstores  and come up with the best deal for your purchase. The website is  even having an Android app  at Play Store  (click here to download) .

My strategy is, when I visit bookstores, I check the online price of my desired book from India Book Stores and when  I get cheaper there,  I silently come out from the book stores to make my obvious choice i.e online order.

So next time, when you want to order a book, visit this website or App and save your bucks.  This is the new age  wisdom to cut costs and make hassle-free purchase at the comforts of your home.


How blessed we are !

There was a time when content generators were only established writers and journalist community.  People in other walks of life though they did have much to share, they  couldn't  have a platform thereby much of that knowledge was buried in their journals/diaries and the world was poorer to that extent of their experiences.

 Now, that is the case of past.  Everybody is at liberty to open a blog in a blip of a second and if they could  write, they can do so and test the waters and also gauge their caliber.  I am in this business of writing actively for the last 4 years.

 Long back, I wished that I should also have a blog in which is also one of the greatest platforms to reach the masses.  Accordingly, this day, I opened a  new blog named : KNOWEB BOOKS

Basically Knoweb Books is meant for book reviews.  I have more than 300 books in my personal library and I wish that I post reviews for all the books I purchased so that anyone  can  fetch the benefit. The book reviews  I write on this blog are well considered ones and hope my readers show patronage to this blog also like my other blogs.

Please read first post : Book Review on Dr. Kalam's latest book.  Click the link below to read :


The other day, I visited Ansal Plaza, a shopping mall which is hardly one-and-half kilometers from my South Delhi home, with family.  It was a fun-filled evening.   For five years, I had not paid attention to visit there and only on my daughter's force we had to visit.

Ansal Plaza, South Delhi - Courtesy: My mobile camera - Samsung E7
After taking round of our choice shops, we settled in eatery.  I was desperately waiting for the snacks ordered and  suddenly, humour filled my system  when I read a joke flashed on the LCD screen.  It is : When you wait for a waiter, can't you be called waiter ?

The real enjoyment to visit such costly malls lie in shelling out bucks without feeling pulse for them.  But one fact is certain.  You get a quality product and variety in such malls which is generally for above middle-class.  Generally I don't get  sight of   any new products in my routine visits to Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar markets which are generally meant for middle class.   A visit to this Plaza brought me to  senses that I am living in metro city. 

I find Archies Gallery (C - 104, Ist Floor, Khel Gaon Marg, Ansal Plaza, Delhi - 110049, Hudco Palace) the best with so many gift items at a very reasonable rates.  I find miniature books with immortal quotes anyone could give them as a gift.  It is the first major shopping mall in Delhi opened on 1st November 1999.
Some shots :
Ansal Plaza, South Delhi - Courtesy: My mobile camera - Samsung E7

Ansal Plaza, South Delhi - Courtesy: My mobile camera - Samsung E7

Ansal Plaza, South Delhi - Courtesy: My mobile camera - Samsung E7

Ansal Plaza, South Delhi - Courtesy: My mobile camera - Samsung E7

Ansal Plaza, South Delhi - Courtesy: My mobile camera - Samsung E7
Ansal Plaza, South Delhi - Courtesy: My mobile camera - Samsung E7


The Black Box of an aircraft gives history of it's flight data which would help the manufacturers and user agencies when something goes wrong or to detect any technical snag in case of emergency or when some untoward  incident happens.

My idea to call it  Black Book is basically of its importance accorded to my ideas, feelings and pent up emotions which have so far not find their place but are lurking in my mind and obstructing my progress both in personal and professional life.

Abu Bakr, the trusted advisor and close friend of Prophet Muhammad rightly said that knowledge without action is futile.  Rote learning is of no avail to you.  Keeping hordes of information will not come to your aid.  Wisdom is not something to please others.  Result oriented action is of utmost importance.   Giving sermons will not put you on higher pedestal.   You must reduce  your knowledge into action.

In fact,  this concept  of opening a Black Book came to me on one fine morning last year i.e. 25th May, 2014.   In fact this Black Book is my heart poured out on paper.  Psychologists say that when you reduce your desire to writing, it gives a new thrust to your action mind.  My Black Book is a kind of regular journal.  I don't necessarily write everyday.   When I flip through the pages, I not only get   new insights to accomplish my goals,  but  learn a lot from my disasters/failures crawled over the years.

As mentioned,  the goals of my life are broadly categorized into six :

1) Physical fitness goals : Healthy life (disease free)
2) Intellectual Goals : Motivational speaker/ Knowledge sharer
3) Children career goals : Worthy of society
4) Financial Goals : Wealth at comfortable level
5) Family welfare and relationship goals - Lovable, Good Samaritan
6) Philanthropic goals : Silently do without publicity

I believe that the above goals are not only meant for me but for everyone who want to walk on the path of success !