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Friday, July 17, 2015


Working in a uniformed service in government  has its own pitfalls in personal life.  First vice that embrace you is larger than life ego. That poison seeps deep into the nerves and pollute  your  emotional life.

So, you must constantly separate yourself from that madness and feel humbled with minute observation of people and life surrounding you.  The quality that should be nurtured is wish everyone you meet with a handshake.  Be genuine in your feelings while talking to them.  Once you stick to this habit, your relationship start blossoming to an unexpected level.

When you closely interact with life either in  people or in any  other form would remind you one underlying principle.  That is, the operating principle in everything is same : Mystery beyond material plane. 

Of course, vanity rules everybody.  Irrespective of our position on the social ladder, one must not deviate from core  philosophy i.e. equanimity.   In Bhagavad Gita, it is said that Enlightened one treats every person equally whether that person is knowledgeable one, dog-eater or dog.  By shaking hand, such positive energy is transferred into  other person and it is rewarding to both of them.

I am an ordinary egoistic person until some years ago when I read Dalai Lama's book on Happiness.  It was a transformation overnight.  When I read the personal accounts of the pontiff where it was mentioned that he used to respond equally to  everybody from lift-operator to CEOs to  Country Heads  who share his dais.  This kind of equanimity is nurtured by Dalai Lama over a period of time and we must not miss to adopt  in our lives.

Ever since, I read those inspiring words,  I brought some change in my persona and started wishing everybody  with a shake-hand which helped to bring them  closer than earlier.  It also taught me another important lesson :  when you show genuine concern on anybody, he/she responds marvelously, thereby we can knit all beings into one close-family ! 

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