The famous Indian technocrat assumed up  the Indian Television : Bollywood, Cricket and Political Gossip.

Any successful TV channel can't  ignore these  three ingredients  and cinema is the most dominant media compare to other two.

Cinema is the vocabulary of our entertainment.    And it is so interwoven in our lives that we wake up with film songs and sleep with that stuff.  Cinema is a way of  life here. Irrespective of our professional pressures, we put an eye on the cinema world to know the latest developments. Compare to Hindi hinterland, Cinema is a religion in Southern parts like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.  Both States have a world-class technicians in all the departments of film making.

Ever since  Baahubali movie project came to limelight,  Bollywood, Tollywod and even Hollywood is anxiously waiting  with a bated breath for  its release.

With his multi-lingual film "Baahubali,  Director Rajamouli redefined the power of his imagination.  He knows with precision,  how to make a blockbuster movie.  When it comes to the movie, the film has taken more than three years in the making.   From concept stage  to making sets to shooting, it is a  saga of  gigantic proportions.

Baahubali is a perfect marriage of story with technology.  The director's brilliance in  knitting the story's characters of mythological times  with home-spun talent  to  make a   world class movie is highly commendable.  With this movie, one could say that Indian Cinema is not lagging behind on the international scene.  Now the history of Indian cinema could be easily demarcated before and after the movie Baahubali.

In fact, the real hero of Baahubali is its maker Rajamouli himself.  He is the proud of Andhra. His life reaffirms the fact that formal education is  not a binding factor to rise to glory.  In fact,  his childhood years were  not as glittering as his screenplay.  He discontinued after the first year of intermediate (11th) and did not go to college for 2 years and completed  later on only on sheer  parental pressure.

His father (noted telugu film story writer Vijayendra Prasad ) and brother (music director Keeravani)  being in film world, the entry for Rajamouli into the tinsel town was not  surprising.   Initially, he was assistant to his father in story-making for six years.

In a directorial journey spanning 14 years, Rajamouli'  never upset his producers as all his movies were box office hits.

The movie "Baahubali' is a carefully crafted entertainment saga creating benchmark in all departments of film-making in India.  Rajamouli's hard work is amply visible in every shot.  This is the  first movie made on such a grand scale with a whopping budget of Rs.250 crores.  By the time of writing this post, the box office collections  has already crossed Rs.303 crores.

Baahubali  is a classic example of a perfect team work.  In one word, it  pulled out all the stops of imagination.

A must watch movie !

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