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Monday, July 13, 2015


On 11th July, 2015, Delhi witnessed a record rainfall since 5 years submerging all low-lying areas and roads and normal life almost completely disrupted.  My government provided third-floor house which was on the direct firing line of Rain God was worst hit.  First time in the five years of our stay, the bed room's ceiling developed seepage and further leakage.  

In the morning, the rain delayed our visit to the hospital due to traffic woes.  When we were coming back home in auto, the roads with stagnated water looked like mini-lakes. (Image courtesy : My mobile camera)  

When my logical mind went deep into the issue, I felt that  not  having a proper drainage system is the root cause of such large sheet of water lying on the roads.  Sadly the drainages are choked with huge plastic waste and city dwellers don't act with responsibility when it comes to sanitation.

We adopt to new technologies in computers and mobiles instantly and why not in sanitation and drainage-management ?   Developed countries already ensured this aspect but we are still languishing in  the muck.  If the high-way roads do have adequate underground drainage pipe system, the rain water flows directly into them in minutes keeping the roads neat and clean, but that is not in place.  

I have been seeing the sorry state of Mumbai during heavy rains forcing commuters to reach their homes late night.  Mumbai and Delhi are our iconic cities, but a lot to be desired with regard to civic amenities, especially good underground drainage system  !

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