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Monday, July 13, 2015


My stay in Delhi for the last 5 years not only taught me great lessons in personal life but contributed immensely in my new avatar as a prolific blogger.  

I can't claim to  have a direct guru who could guide me to understand the knack of writing, but my sheer passion that drove me to minutely observe great writers and fine-tune my abilities.    Writing in fact is an evolving process.  Unless certain maturity is dawn into you, you can't write.

After writing more than 250 articles, I  fed up  and  abandoned writing for some months.   But the lucky part is, whenever I am in low spirits, certain thought of a great person come to my door step, elevate and rejuvenate my inner hungriness.

Khushwant Singh's Delhi is so touching.  It's green tree avenue roads that brings life to any drowsy soul.  To inject creativity into my daily life, I take frequent Metro rides to reach unintended places to draw  new ideas for my writing.   

Armed with a high-end mobile phone, I walk with my eyes wide-open to get a glimpse of life in any form !  When I do, I sometimes get a welcome smile from  a stray dog to a flying crow to a  stationary tree, all warmly connect to me igniting new  thoughts.  Thank you Delhi !!!  

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