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Monday, July 27, 2015


When it comes from the mouth of Prime Minister of a nation, it must be news.  

In his monthly interaction programme called Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi told that an accident was occurred in Delhi  sometime ago in which scooter driver was laid on the road as no one came to help him.

He also added that "One is shocked to see the statistics of road accidents in the country - every four minutes a person dies in road accident"

Much before the PM's remarks, I tightened my belt.  I sold out my old scooter of 15 years.  I deeply felt that for a person of my age (45 years),  Delhi roads are no longer safe to ride a two-wheeler.  In fact, it is not a hasty decision not to  use my scooter for commute to office.  It is a well thought out decision, after seeing the plight of two of my colleagues who had broken their bones and the accidents that caused them were not due to their fault.

When you see Delhi roads or any other Indian roads, the scene is familiar.  Mindless honking of horns break your ear-drums.  Scooter/bike riders are more vulnerable for accidents as heavy vehicles compete with them.  Another  mess is drunk driving which seems to be a fashion in metropolitan cities nowadays.   Recently,  a 42 year old woman from suburban Bandra in Mumbai was caught red-handed for drunk driving .

When accidents occur, public response is very poor.  General public  don't want to invite trouble by helping the accident victims.  The awareness levels need to be improved by educating the masses. Speed driving which is the main  cause need to be curbed by effective enforcement of traffic rules. Regular refresher courses on road safety need to be conducted to all licence holders.

Young people should be convinced not to imitate the filmy-kind of adventures with their vehicles and  adhere to safety rules while using public roads, especially highways.  Further, technology should be brought in where the speed driving is detected on the roads, and culprits are  dealt with severely.

Heavy vehicle population lead to congested roads leading serious environmental problems.  Pollution of these vehicles make the normal life a big mess.  The solution lies in effective use of Public Transport System by general public.  Vehicles should not be used as status symbols.  Use of cycles for short distances not only put  our bodies fit but de-congest the roads and thereby  reduce the accident rate.

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