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Thursday, July 16, 2015


A well-greased wheel is heaven for a rider.  This is my own saying.

The other day, I was coming to office in my usual auto-rickshaw and its roaring noise reminded me one fact : The vehicle was not given adequate dose of engine oil from time to time, thereby the engine lost its rhythmic sound and started crying for immediate attention.

Such bad-maintained public vehicles are nightmare to the users.  For a person like me who want to search for subjects in my morning rides, it  was a bad start.

It is simply not the fate of single auto-rickshaw, I come across,  but a majority of folks who don't bother to ensure maintenance of  their vehicles.  Unless, it struck in the middle of the road, nobody takes too seriously of their vehicles.  This casual attitude goes to the alarming levels that they skip of  even checking air in the tyres inviting problems deliberately. 

A well maintained-vehicle is an attitude of the  owner of that vehicle.  It has his or  her signature on it.  I find very rare people who maintain their vehicles more than their offspring.  It reflects their sensitivity.

I was a scooter rider for over 15 years.  Till I disposed of it some months back, I maintained it too well and ensured timely change of engine oils and greasing to prevent unwanted noise from it.  Worth to its maintenance, not even a single occasion it deceived me.

The flavour of  complaint-free vehicle is so enticing and one must embrace the  virtue of periodical maintenance. But  some people's casualness swells to dangerous proportions and a case in point is, not even polishing  their shoes which we see many times in our daily lives.   It reflects their lackadaisical attitude.

One mantra for orderliness in life  is,  be sensitive enough to all  aspects of daily life which include everything from what you wear to what you eat to what you use.  

If you don't care enough, you can't live  happily !    

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