Location: Panchsheel Park, South Delhi - courtesy : My Mobile camera

These days, park is my new delight.  

There were countless instances earlier when I prepared myself to go out, but settled to sit in this lap of nature, just behind my home -Panchsheel Park in South Delhi - and savored my blessed moments, reading my favourite books, juicing out the solitude the Almighty has endowed.

The weather right now in Delhi is so pleasant and words fail to describe the immeasurable pleasure you get spending the quality time in any green patch.   If you ask me to describe Delhi in one phrase, I say it is the City of Parks other than historical places.

Notable among them is  Panchsheel Park in South Delhi which is a walker's delight and reader's heaven.  The beautiful sitting arrangements ignite you to  sit long spells.   I think the tourists who visit Delhi may not put the parks  on  their priority list, but once you are a Delhite and not enjoying solitary moments in the parks of this great city, it means you are truly missing something which you repent later ! 

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