Courtesy: My Mobile camera - Location : Siri Fort Road, Sadiq Nagar, South Delhi

My casual walks sometimes make me worthy of writing. Because, these strolls  give formidable lessons of what best could be done to improve the lives of  under-privileged.

What I observed from my analysis is that  these less-privileged  come to Delhi for casual labour/ contract work for certain period of time,  and are perforce  come  with families and deplorably lead unhealthy lives.  It is already reported that Delhi is reeling under dreaded Swine Flu which is a contagious disease.  Moreover, their shanties hardly protect them from Delhi's biting cold.

It is also seen that  a large chunk of these people come on government contract for public works like roads/ buildings etc.  Some of these floating population  do have small kids who need more hygiene.

Why can't we have a Labour Law / Contract provision whereby these labourers are provided with small  fiber-sheet  huts as a temporary dwelling units near to their work place for a decent living   along with a strict provision for safe-drinking water so that they don't fall prey to any contagious diseases and also lead dignified lives ?   

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