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Friday, March 06, 2015



My left eardrum was exposed to constant bangs of calling bell in my office for the last 4 years which made me half-deaf.   Over and above, my profession of being personal assistant forced me to attend telephone calls relentlessly which also factored for hearing loss.

Apart from that,  I was a lover of music in my younger years and listening music in heavy dose somewhat affected my hearing capabilities.  

Constant exposing to high-decibel sound puts you in deep trouble.  You must be intelligent enough when you should use earphones.  There is no logic of using earphones when you are in indoors.  Protecting ears from explosive sounds is also  very essential in city life.

It is pity that some youth in cities feel it as a fashion to use earphones to converse with their near/dear ones which they could do without earphones.  Walking or driving on roads with earphones strapped  is not only an avoidable habit, but saves you from traffic snarls/ accidents.

After teeth, the next neglected organ in our body is ears.  So it is better to stop indiscriminate use of  earphones  which keeps  your hearing abilities intact even in your autumn age ! 

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