Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese-American artist, poet, and writer

• Be wise - let Reason, not Impulse, be your guide.

• Without her blood-sister, Knowledge, Reason is like houseless poverty; and Knowledge without Reason is like a house unguarded.

• The learned man who has not judgement is like an unarmed soldier proceeding into battle.

• Reason and learning are like body and soul.

• Reason without learning is like the untilled soil, or like the human body that lacks nourishment.

• Reason is not like the goods sold in the market places.

• Know your own true worth, and you shall not perish.

• Each day look into your conscience and amend your faults; if you fail in this duty, you will be untrue to the knowledge and Reason that are within you.

• Keep a watchful eye over yourself as if you were your own enemy; for you can't learn to govern yourself, unless you first learn to govern your own passions and obey the dictates of your conscience.

• Study a question from all sides, and you will be sure to discover where error has crept in.

• Blessed are they on whom God has conferred the gift of Reason. 


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Two Goals drive our lives. One is to know our roots - the Source of our creation - which is simply not parents but a greater Cause.  The other is to reach Perfection.  This  spiritual quest  drives me to uncharted territories.

My aim to read books is to find an answer to those nagging questions from the heap of knowledge accumulated by Man since time immemorial. It is not theorizing the knowledge gained, but pragmatic on the issue of Perfection for higher elevation.

Why to reach Perfection ?  The reason behind this lofty goal is perennial Joy, free from Pain, Sorrow and Ignorance.  In the process of digging deep into what our Wisdom Masters said on the subject, I recently come across  this superb poem of 20th century's Lebanese poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran, which is soul-lifting !

You ask me, my brother, when will man reach perfection. 

Hear my answer:

Man approaches perfection when he
feels that he is an infinite space and a sea
without a shore,
An everlasting fire, an unquenchable

A calm wind or a raging tempest, a thundering
sky or a rainy heaven,
A singing brook or a wailing rivulet, a tree abloom
in Spring, or a naked sapling
in Autumn.

A rising mountain or a descending valley,
A fertile plain or a desert.
When man feels all these, he has already
reached halfway to perfection. To attain his goal
he must then perceive
that he is a child dependent upon his mother,
a father responsible for his family,
A youth lost in love,

An ancient wrestling against his past,
A worshipper in his temple, a criminal in
his prison,

A scholar amidst his parchments,
An ignorant soul stumbling between the darkness of his
night and the obscurity of his day,

A nun suffering between the flowers of her faith and
the thistles of her loneliness,

A prostitute caught between the fangs of her
weakness and the claws of her needs,

A poor man trapped between his bitterness and his

A rich man between his greed and his conscience,
A poet between the mist of his twilight and the
rays of his dawn.

Who can experience, see, and understand
these things can reach perfection and
become a shadow of God’s Shadow.


Location: Panchsheel Park, South Delhi - courtesy : My Mobile camera

These days, park is my new delight.  

There were countless instances earlier when I prepared myself to go out, but settled to sit in this lap of nature, just behind my home -Panchsheel Park in South Delhi - and savored my blessed moments, reading my favourite books, juicing out the solitude the Almighty has endowed.

The weather right now in Delhi is so pleasant and words fail to describe the immeasurable pleasure you get spending the quality time in any green patch.   If you ask me to describe Delhi in one phrase, I say it is the City of Parks other than historical places.

Notable among them is  Panchsheel Park in South Delhi which is a walker's delight and reader's heaven.  The beautiful sitting arrangements ignite you to  sit long spells.   I think the tourists who visit Delhi may not put the parks  on  their priority list, but once you are a Delhite and not enjoying solitary moments in the parks of this great city, it means you are truly missing something which you repent later ! 


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Courtesy: My Mobile camera - Location : Siri Fort Road, Sadiq Nagar, South Delhi

My casual walks sometimes make me worthy of writing. Because, these strolls  give formidable lessons of what best could be done to improve the lives of  under-privileged.

What I observed from my analysis is that  these less-privileged  come to Delhi for casual labour/ contract work for certain period of time,  and are perforce  come  with families and deplorably lead unhealthy lives.  It is already reported that Delhi is reeling under dreaded Swine Flu which is a contagious disease.  Moreover, their shanties hardly protect them from Delhi's biting cold.

It is also seen that  a large chunk of these people come on government contract for public works like roads/ buildings etc.  Some of these floating population  do have small kids who need more hygiene.

Why can't we have a Labour Law / Contract provision whereby these labourers are provided with small  fiber-sheet  huts as a temporary dwelling units near to their work place for a decent living   along with a strict provision for safe-drinking water so that they don't fall prey to any contagious diseases and also lead dignified lives ?   


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My left eardrum was exposed to constant bangs of calling bell in my office for the last 4 years which made me half-deaf.   Over and above, my profession of being personal assistant forced me to attend telephone calls relentlessly which also factored for hearing loss.

Apart from that,  I was a lover of music in my younger years and listening music in heavy dose somewhat affected my hearing capabilities.  

Constant exposing to high-decibel sound puts you in deep trouble.  You must be intelligent enough when you should use earphones.  There is no logic of using earphones when you are in indoors.  Protecting ears from explosive sounds is also  very essential in city life.

It is pity that some youth in cities feel it as a fashion to use earphones to converse with their near/dear ones which they could do without earphones.  Walking or driving on roads with earphones strapped  is not only an avoidable habit, but saves you from traffic snarls/ accidents.

After teeth, the next neglected organ in our body is ears.  So it is better to stop indiscriminate use of  earphones  which keeps  your hearing abilities intact even in your autumn age ! 


mann ki baat

Yesterday, I got an e- mail from Prime Minister's Office (PMO).  Like me,  millions of other email users might have received the same mail.

Ever since Narendra Modi  has taken reins as Prime Minister of India, the social media in government circles has taken a new lease of life .  Now, all the government's flash news is on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter or Email.   In fact, our PM is deriving the full benefit of social media in reaching out  to people with full gusto.

The email I talked above is about an Ebook of PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat with US President Barack Obama during his recent visit  to grace the Republic Day on 26.1.2015.  Those who missed the events during Obama's visit need not have qualms.   For those who are anxious to know  more about these two gross-root leaders : Obama & Modi, this E-book is an answer.   For youngsters, the Ebook gives tremendous inspiration to reach to the pinnacle of  success in their personal lives.

In one sentence, this Ebook centers on one core idea  which  Modi says too often : Kuch karne ka sapna dekho, kuch banne ka na hi !  (Dream to do something and not  dream to become someone )

 Read the E-book below :