The medal tally in the  National Games at Kerala  (31st January to 14th February, 2015) gives a glimpse of appalling affairs on sports arena in this country.  No single State stood first in the Games and Armed Forces clinched the first position by winning 91 gold, 33 silver and 35 bronze (Total : 159).

The host State Kerala managed 2nd position by winning 54 gold, 48 silver and 60 bronze (Total : 162).  The third position was taken by Haryana with 40 gold, 40 silver and 27 bronze (Total : 107).

The above statistics paint a disturbing trend of how sports & games are treated in this country.   Though sports & games are part of school education, no stress is laid when  a particular student shows high talent in a particular discipline.   In fact, it is  not talent crunch that is plaguing the system, but  lack of planning coupled with some policy issues at State and National level.  It seems that the patriotic fervor is in low steam  amongst citizenry.   

Still, a majority of folks think that sports & games are for leisurely people.  Much credence is not given to it  at school and college level.  Part of the blame  goes to parents who don't encourage their children in sports & games.   Only handful of children develop a knack in certain disciplines and only some select parents accept their wish and help them to  climb the ladder which happens  with their  individual efforts/ ways and means. 

India with 1.22 billion people must fare well in Olympics but our performance in the London Olympics in  2012 is heart-wrenching with only 2 silver and 4 bronze (Total: 6).  We did not open an account in gold category.

You can't say that we don't have a talent pool.  Our Rural India is abundant with youth who could be channelized  to compete for international events. Only  long vision with  adequate resources and systematic training take us to the height of success.  

When it comes, governmental action,  Central Government must lead.  But it is States that must actually take the lead in increasing  talent pool in sports & games.  In a federal  structure  like India, it is States that act as driving force in any activity.   Growth can't always be weighed in terms of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Real growth is individual growth; intellectual growth that steers the nation to global  heights. A country's image is also measured in terms of  its talent in sports & games. We are 2nd most populous  country in the world  but our performance in international sports events is terribly below the mark and it is the high time to revamp the whole idea of  sports in this country.  

The God's own country  Kerala which  hosted National Games 2015 showed a brilliant performance and this highest literacy State has much in store to surprise the world. Being the highest  literacy State and now armed with its fresh victory  in National Games - 2015,  Kerala stands as a Model State in Sports & Games.

Let  the other States  learn something from Kerala  !

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