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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Recently, I read book-review of Mihir S.Sharma's book "Restart : The Last Chance for the Indian Economy."   The author termed Indian Economy as "resource-poor, trust-deficient, regulation-heavy environment ?

I am not an expert to offer my view point on his remarks.  But what could I say is that the word "trust-deficient'' speaks a lot on the basic edifice of our relationships in a society which is fast becoming self-centric.   

If we analyse the cause for such ''trust-deficit, one prime reason I find is applying two different yardsticks or behavioral  standards on  seeking help and extending help to others.   One tends to be soft when he or she  is at the receiving end of  help from others, but takes an entirely  different equation when it comes to  his/her turn to extend help to others.

By following this double standard, there seems to be a lingering fear on the back of mind.

We are living in a trust-deficient society, constantly feeling insecure and depressed.  A paradigm shift needs to come in the minds of people.

Noted spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says that the secret of management is first you create trust. He also says that the spiritual component is missing in majority of folks which leads to either violence or depression in their lives.

If you do anything outside your nature that creates irritation and tiredness. The formula for happy life as suggested by Sri Sri is : Be straight-forward, open, honest and last but not least is  inclusive.

When we apply  single standard with trust as a binding glue, we can have a fuss-free society !

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