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Monday, February 23, 2015


In a work life spanning 24 years, I remained almost a restless soul until a couple months back when I reboot my whole perspective of work life. Then life was under constant tension of how to manage a day's works.

One mantra to start working like a silent dynamo is to reach your office premises in time, say 10 – 15 minutes in advance. That buffer keeps you cool. After ensuring that, try to stretch your legs or stand up from your seat and take a relaxed breath after every 60 minutes as sitting continuously for prolonged hours in a sedentary job suffocate and block your energies.

Further, drink water adequately that keeps you hydrated and protect you from mood-swings.

Since computers rule the work life, managing that digital mate keeps you tidy and hassle free in respect of your database/information. Also, keep your desktop clutter-free.

Man-management is the ultimate secret of success in work life. If you keep your relationships under check much of the problem is gone. A smiling and caring gesture keeps you radiant, enthusiastic and thereby create a lasting impression on others. 

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