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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Delhi's is slowly coming out from winter chill.  Now the weather in the capital is so captivating that one could enjoy an outing.

To add joy to the weather is,  opening of New Delhi World Book Fair from today onwards i.e. 14th February to 22nd February 2015 at city's Pragati Maidan.

The venue of Book Fair is well connected with Delhi Metro's Pragati Maidan - Blue Line.  It is also well connected with DTC bus services from all parts of the city.  Whether you buy a book or not, it doesn't matter, but a visit will give a gusto to your soul and you are not the same person when you return home.  Lacs of stacked books in the stalls in various categories give an opportunity to know the effort of man in accumulating knowledge.

Knowledge is not a thing that closes it's door after your college education or getting a job.  It is a flame that must be kept  flickering all through life.  A book is a friend, philosopher and a best companion wherever you go.  

The first book fair, I witnessed in my life is at my native place Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India way back in 90s.   I don't miss them because I bring  back  a lot of inspiration  to read more and more.

I have a special relationship with books which I like more than anything else.   Like you choose your friends, you must choose your genre.  Irrespective of your profession, you must have your daily dose of reading which would keep you sane and  scintillating.

When I visited Delhi's Book Fair last year, I felt the need to have wheels to my feet to visit all the stalls in the sprawling halls.   Youngsters may not face any problem as they could roam all the stalls but  for middle-aged  and older people there is a word of caution: you should decide first which stalls you want to visit  in your limited time to save  energies and time.

For all details of  Delhi's Book Fair visit the following website :

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