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Sunday, February 15, 2015


Courtesy : My mobile camera

Being aware of your rights put you on higher pedestal. I could say, it is the need of the hour.  I have seen countless instances where people purchase substandard products from nameless companies and burn a hole to their pockets.

Being a consumer means, to act responsibly.  Before you purchase any product, you must ensure that it is a standard product with ISI mark on it.  Don't forget to take bill for the product you purchased. Suppose if  you purchase a product online, don't forget to register with the manufacturer's website/helpline.  This protects you  from warranty-related issues for any manufacturer-level defects in the products.  

Sometimes, inspite of careful steps taken while purchasing products, the grievances of individual consumers remain largely unmitigated by the manufacturers due to one reason or other.  At this juncture,  consumers put a blank face of what to do next ?  A majority of them  endure the ordeal silently which they should not.

If they know that there is a legal mechanism to initiate action against  manufacturer or service provider who fail to compensate for the product or service, they  would feel relieved   from the problem.

The image you are seeing was taken by me from my mobile camera in a Delhi Metro station.  It says that the consumers must fight for their rights.  The Government has started a National Consumer Helpline :

Everyone of us is a consumer in one way other and therefore, we need to know our rights in it's entirety and  there is dedicated website to know more about on this.

Majority of the folks don't know the existence of such mechanism viz consumer forums/ courts etc. When the awareness levels increase at consumer level, manufacturers/service providers would remain cautious in manufacturing  their products  thereby the nation flourishes with exemplary products  & services !  

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