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Saturday, February 14, 2015


India Today, in its supplementary Aspire brought out Ankit Khandelwal's tips to run a successful Blog.   Though, these tips are not new but it reiterated the fact that a blogger   must meticulously follow  these tips to learn and earn.

Here is the rundown:

1.Write about stuff you really love 

 2. Be genuine

3. Have a plan - If something inspires you, note it down, research the idea and plan a presentation before you get down to writing the blog post.

4. Get your facts right - Check stuff.  Then double check.  A little effort is all it takes to be authentic and reliable.

Ankit has a dedicated website called and his tagline is :  Simply simplified journey of my life !.   He has a blog ' Denmark : An insider's view from a student's perspective'.  It is said that this blog is one of the top five student blogs on international student exchanges.

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