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Thursday, February 19, 2015


SAFAR-Air - screenshot thumbnail

This is app driven world.   Various apps are being developed as a solution to all mundane problems.  The latest in the addtion is Safar-Air.

Till now, only you could know the weather/ temperature in your city/location on Android platform.  With this latest  app, real-time  data on 'pollution level' is fed 

Once you install Safar-Air Android app, it will provide   'Air Quality Report'. This four-star rating app is a must download app for those who have health concern. It advises you to remain indoors if the air pollution is unbearable  on a particular day.

It is India's first ever Air Quality Forecasting system that provides current and one to three-day advance forecast for air quality.  The colour-coded system facilitates to easily comprehend the air quality.   It is an app that was developed by Ministry of Earth Sciences  in partnership with  IITM, Pune.

Click the link below to download it :

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