When you are receptive to advice, you can improve your personal efficiency on day to day basis.  It is so essential in a democracy where the interests of communities are involved.  Therefore the people in power must listen to the suggestions from  grass-roots.

Considering any suggestion  for effective governance is one of the cardinal principles of  efficient administration. The Hindu in it's today issue dated 17th January, 2015 carried a news item "PM open to idea of 25-rupee note''.

A plastic trader from Chandigarh, India suggested to Prime Minister to print notes in the denomination of Rs.25.  His suggestions sounds good to me also.

In Delhi, I feel a serious shortage of small notes, especially Rs.5/-   Rs.10/-  or Rs.20/-  Apart from increasing the circulation of these notes, printing of Rs.25/- currency note is obviously a suggestion worth for its implementation, because the prices of merchandise are now  in the denomination of  + Rs.25 and printing of note at this denomination would settle many woes, especially in restaurants, dairy booths and bus tickets.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have taken a liking to this suggestion.  I equally find  lot of public good with the printing of Rs.25 note and hope a decision is taken in its favor.

The present government has opened a Portal (website) to receive such suggestions from public and one can liberally suggest to the government what to do for effective governance.

If you have any such creative ideas to give to Government in India,  log on to http://mygov.in/  and somebody in the government will listen to your idea/ suggestion !

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