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Amazing Science App icon

Some Android apps really empower you and one such app that greatly improves your learning curve is 'Amazing Science Facts.   

Once you download this free app, it provides you some interesting facts on science. The crux of this app is as under :

* Thousands of amazing facts about physics, biology, maths, astronomy, etc.
* Receive daily facts in the notification bar
* Very fast and simple to use
* Works offline, even in "airplane mode". Access all facts anytime, anywhere, no internet connection needed.

* Search any term and find all facts about it* Bookmark your favorite facts for quick future reference
* Read random facts
* Share your favorite facts by Email, Twitter, etc.
* Listen to the facts using Android's built-in Text-to-speech synthesizer
* Works in both portrait and landscape mode for easier reading

A must download for knowledge lovers !

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