To live long is not easy that  too in a healthy body and mind. Only few are blessed.

How you perceive life that determines your forward years.  History reveals that those who give credence to health  and emotional life have lived long.  First of all, you must have vigour to live and when that fire douses, you become  like a deadwood even if you stay in the body !

The life of centenarians offers so much wisdom.

Since, my childhood days, I closely watched the lives of aged people, especially those who live longer like my grandmother who lived above 80 years.

When you see an aged man or woman, the  exuberance of joy on his/her   face reflects  the secrets of living.

When I  first looked at her face, it injected youthful energy into my veins.  Zohra Sehgal, the dancer-turned-actress of yester years offers so much wisdom in her off-screen life too.  She says that Life has been tough but I have been tougher.  I beat life at its own game.   

Many of us can  never forget  the famous song of Sharukh Khan's movie Dil Se. Zohra's dancing nuances in the  song Jiya Jale... are above board and you must bow your head for her doing flawless dancing movements  even in that ripe age.  The focal point in the song is her  eye-balls movement to  the tune which is so professional, chiseled to perfection.  

She started her dancing career with Uday Shankar in 1935 and thereafter entered into celluloid world and later on television.  She is often called the grand old lady of Indian Cinema and Ladli of entertainment with  7 decades of acting career.  Recognizing her contribution to the Indian Cinema, she was honoured with   Padma Vibhushan in 2010.  

She wrote her own memoir  Close-up Memoirs of a Life on Stage & Screen in 2010 which is an interesting read.  Further, her daughter Kiran Segal also wrote a book on her mother "Zohra Seagal: Fatty in October, 2012. These two books offer much of her personal life  to the world and how she weathered all difficulties in life. 

Her sense of humour could be  better emanated from the fact that  when asked what keeps her ticking, she replied , ' humour and sex !  Revealing her health secret, she says that Sex is very important for life to get going, I still want it !'    Till her last moment, she was a fountain of energy.  

When I see centenarians like  Zohra Sehgal, my mind slides into reflective mood of what  magic made  them to live such a long period. One lesson I learned  from their lives is their  child-like enthusiasm and Zohra's  persona overflows with this trait  and it is main secret behind her living 102 fruitful years.

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