One piece of news on 30th of last month (Nov. 2014) in  a prominent English Daily hit me very hard.   It was an incident that occurred in Delhi  the previous day where one juvenile killed a young neighbour boy named Ganesh  when he failed to get  ransom from the boy's father.  The intention to kidnap the boy was to get money to purchase an iPhone and lead a lavish lifestyle.

If we go into the details, the juvenile stabbed the boy to death and to confirm it he slit his throat.  He made a call to the boy's father with a stolen phone of another neighbour.  After the barbarous act, the juvenile returned home and cleverly washed his clothes to hush up the episode.

The multiple crimes committed by the juvenile for a smartphone  mirrors the disturbing influence of technology on the children's mind.  It is in fact a tight-rope walk for parents.

 At the time of writing this post, my younger daughter who hardly crossed 12 years tried to   check her peers' chat messages on Whatsapp loaded on  my phone.  When I screamed at her not to touch the phone which was on a low-battery, she shot back with equal fumes of anger.  

We are sailing the difficult waters. You  can't deny technology to children citing various reasons. The steps you take in regulating their behaviour should be smooth, convincing and  not to offend their hearts.

This is how I handled  my younger daughter when she approached me a couple of months ago to install WhatsApp on her mother's smartphone. Instead of conceding her request, I installed the chat app in my phone to have direct access of her content  and also create a psychological barrier on  her not to misuse or wrong use it.   That worked well and she is now happy soul with the deal and I also got a sigh of relief  that I tread a middle path with win-win situation for both.

Peer pressure is a huge factor to children in these days and parents must be extra cautious while entertaining the children's requests.  When my elder daughter who is around 15 asked me to open a Facebook account on her name, I admonished her and told that misuse or wrong use may put her on deep trouble.   When it became a tug of war for some days, I was able to convince her enough and  now it was a closed matter.

Like my own tale,  may be it is same with some parents of this generation, especially in urban India.  Therefore, it is the need of the  hour for parents to be extra cautious and constantly monitor the behaviour of their children especially pre-teens and teens who may otherwise fall into wrong habit and jeopardize their lives !

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