An English news daily  in its  23rd December, 2014 edition brought  an interesting piece of article captioned " A Monk's take'.  It is a journey of a man from corporate walls to Himalayas in search of Happiness.

In his new avatar as a monk Om Swami has a dedicated website

Being not satisfied  with the information, I tried to  dig deep into his past corporate life, but his website's  "About' page retrieves back with the following about him :

My achievement is not what I have,
My introduction is not what I do,
It is but who I am.
A nobody.

I sing I laugh I dance I clap,
A speck of dust in the infinite creation,
A vast ocean in the tiny dew drop,
A Himalayan stream,
The still mountain,

I am That.
So are you.
Compassion is my religion and love, my only philosophy.

It is palpable that when a person reaches to that wisdom, he doesn't want to give much credence to his past life.   When it comes to his website, it  has very interesting videos and other reading stuff for those who have spiritual bent of mind.   His  memoir "If Truth be told'  gives a gripping account of his spiritual journey from corporate walls to Himalayas.     

His website is a must visit one ! 

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